Careful care | Smart re-upgrade | Eagle bathroom smart toilet BS-69 Reviews

In pursuit of quality of life, in addition to material consumption and wearing, do you consider upgrading the common items in your home? The bathroom is the most frequently used area in the home, upgrade the level of bathroom equipment, upgrade an air injection The shower of the technology, a shower that is dripping quickly; buy a smart toilet, refresh the toilet to experience the new experience, and let all members of the family feel the improvement of the quality of life.

Boom function experience

Eagle bathroom smart toilet BS-69 cleaning spray bar has 3 water outlet modes, wash, wash, laxative. The women's wash function has 5 water outlets, injecting air, water dispersion, larger coverage, more gentle. Laxative function, unique spa-like massage experience, repeated washing with large water pressure, massage and blood circulation, detoxification effect.

Eagle bathroom smart toilet BS-69 spray bar three cleaning effects, wash, women wash, laxative, water outlet effect are set with three gears, low-grade soft, suitable for general cleaning, high-grade strong water pressure, can be strongly cleaned, With the mobile cleaning effect, it can better solve the toilet cleaning, clean and environmentally friendly.

The boom will be automatically cleaned before and after each use to ensure that the boom is clean. If it is not used for a long time, or if there is stubborn attachment, use the boom cleaning button of the remote control, and manually extend the nozzle. clean.

Heating function test

The heating function module is a common function of the smart toilet. On the basis of cleaning, the toilet experience is more user-friendly. It includes heating water heating, drying air heating, and seat heating. The three heating modules are all It is directly in contact with the human body, can not overheat and burn the human body, and has high requirements on the temperature control system of the smart toilet. We use the professional temperature test instrument to test the three heating functions of the Eagle Bathroom Intelligent Toilet BS-69 separately, and see the temperature control effect. how is it.

Water temperature

Yingjie intelligent toilet BS-69 adopts space water tank isolation technology, instantaneous instant heating device, which only heats the cleaning water when it is used, that is, it is hot immediately, and it stops heating when it is seated, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Built-in thermal fuse, Bimetal thermostat, temperature sensor, makes the water temperature stable, prevents overheating and scalding, safer protection, clean water temperature is moderate, in addition to normal temperature, there are three water temperature adjustable, the maximum temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, bringing a comfortable experience.

Wind temperature

Maybe everyone will worry about whether the air temperature is enough to dry the wet buttocks after washing or washing. Eagle bathroom smart toilet BS-69 drying air temperature is divided into normal temperature and third gear heating, the highest temperature test with infrared temperature detector 55 degrees Celsius. The drying time can be controlled by yourself. The proper temperature and wind speed can completely dry the moisture on the surface of the skin.

Seat temperature

The heated seat is the embodiment of the intelligent toilet than the ordinary toilet. We use the infrared temperature detector to test the result. The temperature range of the three gears is 34-40 degrees Celsius. The ECO energy saving mode on the remote control, the temperature of the seat is maintained. At 30 degrees Celsius, when the human body is seated, it enters the normal temperature control state, saving electricity and protecting the environment.

Toilet discharge capacity test

The sewage discharge capacity of the toilet is the key factor to judge the pros and cons of the toilet. Below we test the sewage discharge effect of the intelligent toilet BS-69D/B according to the test method of GB/T2313 2008.

Solid waste cleaning effect

Pour 200 small balls of PP (polypropylene) and 19mm in diameter into the toilet. After flushing, check and record the number of balls that are flushed out of the toilet drain. As you can see from the above picture, after one flush The PP ball is completely discharged. The national standard requires that the average PP ball discharge rate of the three tests be no less than 85%. After three tests, the PP ball elimination rate is 100%, indicating that the Eagle Bathroom Intelligent Toilet BS-69 has a very good sewage discharge effect. .

Light excrement cleaning effect

In daily life, in addition to removing the sediment from the toilet, it is difficult to remove the dirt floating on the water surface. For the dirt floating on the water, what is the performance of the Eagle Bathroom Smart Toilet BS-69? Come to 20 table tennis balls, simulate the light drifting dirt, perform the flushing test under the normal water pressure (0.15Mpa-0.75Mpa), repeat the test three times. As can be seen from the above figure, a flushing water floats. The table tennis is all discharged, and the table tennis discharge rate of the three tests is 100%. The Yingjie intelligent toilet BS-69 flushing effect is siphon type flushing. There is a jetting sub-pass at the bottom of the toilet, which is aligned with the sewage outlet. At the center, a part of the water is ejected from the jetting port. On the basis of the siphon, the dirt is quickly washed away by the large water flow, and the sewage discharge effect is better.

Washing effect test

The inner wall of the toilet is exposed to water and excrement for a long time. The requirements for glazed surface are higher than other sanitary products. We use 20g soy sauce to simulate the excrement adhering to the inner wall of the toilet and test the washing effect of the toilet. After a flush, The soy sauce on the inner wall of the toilet is cleaned. The glazed surface is smooth and clean. The intelligent toilet BS-69 ceramic body is made of high quality billet. It is fired continuously for more than 1200 degrees in high temperature for 24 hours. The glazed surface is clean and not stained, no pinholes. Feel delicate, glaze uniformity.

Special feature

Power outage

Eagle bathroom BS-69 smart toilet built-in power-off flushing device, you can continue to use in the event of power outage, no fear of power failure. BS-69 toilet built-in 2 7th battery, daily only need to open the black battery on the left side of the toilet The cover can be replaced, the battery can be used for several months, and there is no need to worry about the toilet being unusable when the power is off.

Cover down

Eagle bathroom BS-69 smart toilet cover and seat are equipped with TOK high-quality damping, even if the violent flipping of the cover, it does not affect the slow-down effect, silently flip the toilet, no fear of cover noise. The slow down function can also reduce The cover plate collides and extends the service life of the cover.

Night light

The BS-69 toilet has a special LED night light, which is soft and not glare. It can be used without a light at night.

Through the above evaluation experiments, it can be seen that Eagle's new smart toilet BS-69 follows the excellent performance of the Eagle bathroom toilet, and the cost performance of this toilet is also very high. The intelligent toilet has entered the Chinese market for more than 10 years, but It has been slow to develop and the penetration rate is not high. For the pursuit of quality of life, it is time to upgrade the bathroom equipment. Purchase the smart toilet of the Eagle bathroom, and realize the life change and quality of life brought by technology.