Have Yan have strength | Hengjie Q9 smart toilet evaluation

Smart and thoughtful design

Induction design

There are two touch sensing buttons on the front of the toilet cover. Touch the button on the left to open the cover only for the ladies. Touch the button on the right to open the cover and the toilet for men. Very good to do with men and women.

Xiaobian pro test, the touch button reaction is very sensitive, the cover and the seat ring open smoothly with a touch.

For the elderly, pregnant mothers and other groups with limited mobility, Hengjie Q9 thoughtfully designed the intelligent automatic flip function, avoiding the hard work of bending over and overturning. The actual measured sensing area is about 1 meter, it will not be so small that it should be close. Only inductive, not too big to brush a tooth TA can open the lid to welcome you, the sensing range is set very reasonable.

One button knob

High IQ and high emotional intelligence are really nothing to say. Q9 continues the design concept of Hengjie Double Q series 'powerful, simple operation', with 'one-button knob' operation, only one knob can be rotated and pressed. Complete a series of operations such as hip washing, women washing, flushing, drying, etc. Compared with the traditional smart toilet, the Q9's 'one-button knob' design is really not too convenient.

'One-button knob' is infinitely variable and can be rotated freely. The operation is very simple and fast. It is easy for a child who is a few years old. The standby state is full of vitality green; the front is turned into a woman's wash, and the light becomes elegant. Purple; turn back to hip wash, the light is blue with power; press to convert to flush mode, the light turns into bright blue-violet; press again to enter the warm air drying state, the light is warm orange .

The five color indicators of the knob light are very clear, and they are also very cool to use. The user can judge the working state of the current toilet by color.

Wisdom wing

The one-button knob area also incorporates the 'Smart Wing' shortcut customization function. It can preset two user modes, 'User 1' and 'User 2', and one-button custom exclusive mode, which can avoid the trouble of misoperation and multiple adjustments. Especially for the elderly and children who are not proficient in operation, this 'wing' is really good to fly.

Flushing experience

Living water is hot

In the cold winter, a cold water column is slamming on the butt. It really makes people jump up. Although it can make people wake up, but the taste can be uncomfortable, so the constant water Q9's living water is hot design. Especially smart and intimate. Compared with the traditional heat storage design, the live water is hot without waiting. The first second water is the set temperature, the water temperature is constant, it will not be high and low, and the hot water will be discharged automatically after use. Breeding bacteria, ensuring health.

Boom function

Q9 flushing is done by the spray bar. It is divided into two modes: hip wash and women wash. The spray port behind the spray bar is a hip wash. There is only one water column. The force is stronger. The front spout is baptized. There are four small holes, which are shower-style water spray, and the water flow is softer and more comfortable.

The water pressure and the position of the spray bar of the hip wash and the brow wash are adjustable in 5 steps. Compared with the 3rd gear adjustment of other smart toilets, there are two more choices, which can satisfy the usage habits of more people. Like soft spots, It is enough to open 1, 2 files. If you like stimulation, you will come directly to the 5th gear. The force is still very powerful, and the spray bar can also be moved back and forth. It is really sour.

Before and after use, the spray bar will clean itself first, which effectively ensures the cleanliness of the toilet. We use the water pen to draw two lines on the spray bar, and operate the spray bar to extend and retract. .

After repeating twice, the pen line on the spray bar is cleaned without leaving a mark. From this point of view, the Q9's spray bar self-cleaning ability is good, no need to worry about dirty things sticking to it.

Pulse massage

Hengjie Q9 adds an exciting function, which is the pulse massage function. With one-button pulse massage mode, the cleaning water flow will be in a state of stagnation and stagnation. Users can sit on the toilet comfortably and enjoy SPA-like cleaning. Experience. You can also make a spa for your ass. This toilet is afraid to be refined.

Cleaning test

Water swirling system

The toilet flushing module adopts the leading water swirling water flushing system, equipped with three patents of Venturi supercharging, diversion and guiding pressure, and water energy multiplication. It changes the traditional flushing method and does not require motor assistance, so it is used. It's quieter, and you don't have to worry about power outages. When the water pressure is low, you can enjoy strong momentum at any time.

Solid sewage capacity

We tested the sewage discharge effect of Q9 with 2500 PVC particles according to the national standard test method. We poured 2500 PVC particles into the toilet at one time. Because the density of PVC particles is small, the quality is very light, and it is difficult for ordinary toilets. All of them are washed clean, and in the national standard, it is required that the residual amount after flushing is not more than 125.

From the above picture, it can be seen that with a flush, 2500 PVC particles can be washed out, showing that the sewage effect of Q9 is excellent, far exceeding the national standard.

Then we switched to a large, denser, and more difficult table tennis ball to continue testing. We poured more than a dozen table tennis balls into the toilet, and one-click to open the flushing function. It can be seen that the strong momentum will be all Table tennis is clean and clear, and the water does not use much water.

Inner wall cleaning ability

It's just not enough to have a solid discharge capacity. Because the body's moisture is heavy, it is inevitable to stick to the toilet wall. Therefore, an excellent toilet, the inner wall cleaning ability is also very important.

We know that it is very difficult to clean the ink. Therefore, in this test, we will drop the ink on the inner wall of the toilet. After waiting for 5 minutes, the ink has already condensed on the inner wall.

Press the flush button and you can see that the semi-dry ink stains are washed out. I think the majority of men will like Q9 very much, because they no longer have to worry about being sent to the toilet.

Temperature control test

Seat temperature

The reason why many people are not accustomed to using the toilet is that they do not want to be stimulated by the coldness of the seat in the winter. The Hengjie Q9 has humanizedly designed the seat heating function. In addition to the normal temperature, there are 4 temperature adjustable, the measured temperature range is 33.3-42.4 degrees Celsius, you can adjust the comfortable use temperature according to different temperatures.

Flushing water temperature

The water temperature of the hip wash and the woman wash can also be adjusted. In addition to the normal temperature, the temperature can be adjusted between 30 and 38 degrees Celsius. We set the temperature to the lowest 30 degrees Celsius and the highest 38 degrees Celsius, and then measure separately. It is displayed as 30.2 degrees Celsius and 37.7 degrees Celsius respectively, and there is no large deviation from the set temperature. Q9 has a good control of water temperature.

Drying air temperature

Many smart toilets on the market do not have the function of drying. After washing the butt, you have to wipe it with your own paper towel. The wet drip is easy to wet the pants. Many people say that this is really unbearable! Q9 naturally known as high emotional intelligence Can not be less drying function.

The Q9's warm air drying module also has four gears for temperature adjustment. The field measured temperature is at least 37.7 degrees Celsius and the highest is 55.1 degrees Celsius.

The maximum wind speed can reach 4.3 m / s, which can quickly achieve the drying effect, truly liberate the user's hands, and lift the pants on the toilet to leave.

Remote control display

Hengjie Q9's remote control is hand-held, can be wall-mounted or can be removed. Through the remote control, all the functions and control operations of Q9 can be completed. The various functions on the front are clear at a glance, with backlighting during operation, with a sense of technology. White panel, small and exquisite, comfortable to hold.

On the back side, the air temperature, water temperature, sitting temperature and other functions can be adjusted. The top is the opening operation, the left side can perform the pulse massage operation and the flushing water pressure adjustment, and the right side is the moving cleaning operation and the boom position adjustment.

Edit Comment: Hengjie Q9 smart toilet, a new upgrade on the basis of Q8, won the recognition of the American Industrial Design Award IDEA. After a series of evaluation and experience, Hengjie Q9 smart toilet, in cleaning, sewage, temperature control, etc. The one-touch knob, the hot water is hot, the water swirl can flush and the flip function, it is the intimate consideration of the user's actual needs, bringing a more comfortable and convenient bathroom experience, it is indeed worth starting.