High temperature and rain continuously | Hisense air conditioning temperature and humidity control makes summer really comfortable

Recently affected by the typhoon, the high temperature and precipitation weather in most parts of the country are constantly alternating, and the temperature rises together with the temperature. Due to the effects of high temperature, low pressure and high humidity, human sweat is not easy to be discharged, and it is not easy to be evaporated after sweating. Therefore, it will make people irritated, tired, and loss of appetite. In response to this problem, in the creation of a full-scale comfort inverter air conditioner, Hisense Air Conditioning integrates the temperature and humidity dual control technology into the product to create a truly comfortable summer.

Not only high temperature, high humidity, it is more uncomfortable

The temperature only represents the degree of warmth and coldness of the air. It does not fully express the warmth and warmth of the human body. For example, in an environment with a temperature of 30 °C, the relative humidity of the air is around 40%-50%, and the average wind speed is above 3 m/s. People don't feel very hot; however, under the same temperature conditions, if the relative humidity increases to more than 80% and the wind speed is small, people will feel sultry and hot, and even the infirm will have heatstroke.

Damp air not only makes you feel uncomfortable, but also a major cause of disease. Scientifically determined, when the air humidity is higher than 65% or lower than 38%, the germs breed the fastest, when the relative humidity is 45%-55. When it is %, the bacteria die faster. The clothes that are not dry, the wet bedding, are the breeding grounds for bacteria, so controlling the proper humidity is one of the indispensable conditions for a comfortable home environment.

The conventional air conditioner has its own dehumidification effect during cooling. The condensate of the drip answer is the air conditioner condensing the moisture in the air. There is also the dehumidification mode to deal with the problem of excessive humidity when the temperature is low, but many can not achieve satisfactory results. In the face of this situation, Hisense Men's X Air Conditioning combines temperature control with humidity control to create a comfortable air that can achieve the full dimension of the home air environment from four dimensions: temperature, humidity, airflow speed and air cleanliness. Comfortable experience, more practical value, allowing users to stay away from air-conditioning diseases.

Temperature and humidity dual control is always comfortable and pleasant

Recognizing the importance of humidity for comfort, Hisense Men's X-Series air conditioners allow users to freely set humidity (40%-65%) through temperature and humidity dual control technology, allowing temperature and humidity to reach a reasonable level at the same time, creating another People feel comfortable in the air.

The temperature and humidity control of Hisense Men's X air conditioner is not limited to summer use. When the air is dry in winter, the humidifying function, when the male god X air conditioner meets the heating demand, can also meet the air humidity demand, greatly improving the air conditioning. Heating comfort.

The humidification function in Hisense's precision moisture control technology does not use the ultrasonic humidification technology commonly used in the home, but uses a wet film type pure humidification device to let the air blow through the water absorption wet film. The water naturally evaporates and is sent to the space to be humidified with the wind. This has the advantage that the calcium and magnesium ions in the water will not be blown into the air, and the water in the water tank can be sterilized. At the same time, the nano-water ion technology can also remove bacteria and mold in the air. , odor, purify the air while humidifying, thereby improving the humidity and cleanliness of the environment. At the same time, the user can set the humidity between 40-65%, choose the most comfortable humidity value, for users of different regions and different skin types. It can bring moisturizing effect to the skin, and can reduce the stimulation of dry air to the elderly and children's respiratory system, so that it is comfortable and healthy.

Comprehensive innovation brings energy saving and health and comfort

In addition to the temperature and humidity dual control technology, Hisense also equipped the patented dual-mode frequency conversion technology for Hisense Men's X air conditioner, which is optimized for the high energy consumption of the air conditioner startup phase, which is 20% less than the ordinary inverter air conditioner when it is turned on. Ordinary constant speed and constant speed save more than 70%. And use Hisense's unique '10Hz ultra-low frequency operation technology', after reaching the user-set temperature, automatically enter the low-frequency operation, to achieve more power-saving effect.

The unique 360° cool turn air design and intelligent human-computer interaction make Hisense Men's X series air conditioner more technical and attractive. It not only realizes full-angle air supply, but also has the model of “wind blowing people, avoiding people”. Customized air supply according to the needs of different people, coupled with the application of intelligent somatosensory operation, realizes the full-scale comfort experience in the home air environment, together with the temperature and humidity dual control technology, to create a spring-like comfortable environment for the hot summer, The disruptive innovation of product functions meets the high-level needs of users and leads the transformation and upgrading of China's air-conditioning industry.