Hisense Master Washing Machine Parent-child Carnival Shine Island City

On July 21st, Qingdao Golden Lion Plaza ushered in a group of Xiaomengwa, and together with their parents, staged a 'Parental World Cup' contest. What is different is that these cute baby are double!

The event's Hisense washing machine was tailor-made for the twins and was specially launched. With the perfection of the 'One Machine, Three Tubes, One Three Pets' master washing machine twin parent-child carnival in the Golden Lion Plaza, each area's activities bring different experiences to the children. And the fun, the live-action version of the live-action version of the jump, the football teenager, the master model run, parent-child pitching, children naughty castle and other game links atmosphere is more blasting scene.

30 pairs of twins unveiled

The odds of having twins in China are about five thousandths, so twin babies are not very common. The exclusive twin activities launched by Hisense Washing Machine attracted nearly 30 pairs of 4-8 year old twins to participate, and the scene was simply overturned.

The world's first three-tube washing machine - Hisense Master washing machine, from the user's needs, with the original technology innovation power carefully created high-end products, redefine the washing machine, to achieve large pieces of clothing, small underwear, infant clothes, etc. Washing, truly accurate classification, professional washing and health care, can fully meet the current quality trend of Chinese household consumption. The family of three, whether it is adults' underwear, outerwear, or soft clothing for children, easy to classify and synchronize Clean, new health care life. Intimate clothing fixed exclusive washing space, no cross infection, health and more assured.

Interesting interactive games, wonderful performances, generous prizes, and wonderful memories for all participating families, dozens of twins and twins participated in the parent-child carnival to become a beautiful scene on the scene, around the master washing machine 'a three-tube Every game designed to bring you different fun, the smile on the face of the children, the encouragement of the parents, the help between the children, the wonderful moments in the game, Hisense washing machine For parents and children to bring a different parent-child experience activities, continue to pay attention to Hisense washing machine, I believe that everyone will gain more good and moving!