Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce: Air conditioning repair, do not check the phone online

The consumer Mr. Dai recently repaired the air conditioner through a brand's official after-sales service phone. After the sale, the brand authorized the repairer to provide on-site service. After the maintenance personnel came to the door, the air-conditioning operating rod line was aging, and Mr. Dai needed to pay 800 yuan for replacement. After Mr. Dai paid I also called the after-sales consultation. I didn't expect my air conditioner to be under warranty. I only need to pay 160 yuan for the door-to-door fee. Overcharged 640 yuan, and finally the mediation by the industrial and commercial department, the repair business will be returned to Mr. Dai.

With the summer, the maintenance demand for refrigeration appliances such as air conditioners is growing. The Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau released the consumer complaint analysis in June yesterday. In the consumer complaints received by the industrial and commercial departments in June, air-conditioning maintenance became a hot spot for summer complaints. Recently '12315' , '96315' The two hotlines have received the following complaints about the consumer complaints caused by air-conditioning repair services: First, the repair business found on the Internet is mixed, posing under the brand authorization or not having relevant qualifications; It is a fictitious failure in the maintenance process, thereby raising the maintenance cost; the third is due to frequent changes in the brand authorized service providers, resulting in service delays, service quality is declining; Fourth, repair parts shoddy or falsely referred to imported materials, take the opportunity Charge a high fee.

According to the industry and commerce department, due to the lack of integrity management awareness of some air-conditioning maintenance operators, consumers will inevitably encounter special traps such as 'cottage' brand maintenance, fictional failures, minor illnesses and overhauls, and suffer economic losses. In order to avoid encountering 'consumption traps', business The department reminds consumers to carefully check out the regular brand after-sales phone. For example, check the official phone number on the 'three-pack card' attached to the air-conditioning package or log in to the official website of the brand. Do not look for it on the Internet. '; To choose a qualified home appliance repairer with good qualifications, don't trust the unidentified merchants with low prices on small advertisements; when repairing, pay attention to check the work documents of the door-to-door personnel, clarify the service price and charging standards; Actively request maintenance work orders, charging documents, replacement parts, once a consumer dispute arises, promptly report the situation to the relevant departments, and protect their legitimate rights and interests.