Horizontal development of new chess game | How to arrange TCL refrigerator washing machine

The development of China's refrigerator washing machine market has begun to show a new development: On the one hand, the domestic brand pattern has been rotated, local brands have begun to be recognized by domestic consumers and intensified market competition; on the other hand, the rapid increase in China's consumption level has promoted The sharp changes in consumer demand have also forced the Chinese ice-washing market to embark on a new development journey.

Situation: Horizontal development, buy new upgrades

According to the analysis of the Q18 ice wash market released by Zhongyikang in the 2018, the overall average price of the offline refrigerator market was 4,106 yuan in the first quarter of this year, up 524 yuan from 3,582 yuan in the same period of last year, an increase of 14.63% year-on-year. The average price of refrigerators has increased compared with the same period of last year. The performance of the two-door and multi-category categories has increased significantly, up by 181 yuan and 548 yuan respectively over the same period of last year, with an increase of 10.5% and 9.4% respectively. In addition, the average price of washing machines Also rose 7.1% year-on-year.

More importantly, in the first quarter of 2018, the entire ice-washing market showed a similar increase in volume, but compared with ice washing, the performance in general was 2.2%, 7.4%, in retail sales. In terms of ice washing, they all achieved rapid growth, with an increase of 14.7% and 15.0% respectively. Obviously, this is the result of rising market average price.

When the market demand is difficult to obtain sufficient incremental space, the upward movement of the product structure has become a consistent choice for ice-washing enterprises. They are increasingly demanding structural upgrading and efficiency-driven. The two major market conditions continue to approach.

First of all, the price of ice-washing raw materials is rising, and the cost pressure of enterprises is increasing. In order to survive, they have to promote the structural upgrading of ice-washed products, towards quality and high-end, which is a passive role; secondly, the active role of consumption trends, with The consumer's living standards and the pursuit of higher quality continue to improve, and the price has become a secondary factor in their purchase of goods. The market is no longer a 'price-only theory', and the product value is pushed to the high ground.

As a result, the refrigerator washing machine market has gradually entered a horizontal development period. People's demand for quality life pursuit has turned into a real consumption power, which is reflected in the domestic ice washing market. Demand has changed from buying new to upgrading. The demand shifts, so that the average price increases significantly.

Under this new development of the game, the ice-washing enterprises are more important in the market competition. The growth of the dark horse TCL ice wash has already seized the opportunity in this field competition.

Strategy 1: High-end attack, health wins

In the consumer demand for upgrading, health has become a top priority. The healthy lifestyle brought by home appliances is being sought after by consumers. The refrigerator washing machine is closely related to family food and washing health, and product health has become two major markets. The development of the weather vane. TCL refrigerator washing machine to grasp the health focus in advance, focus on the refrigerator 'smart preservation' and the washing machine 'free pollution wash', timely attack.

Intelligent refreshing around the household refrigerator, TCL refrigerator integrated frequency conversion technology with intelligent air-cooling and frost-free technology, achieving 2 minutes of rapid cooling 1 °C, can quickly lock the original flavor of the ingredients, allowing users to enjoy the fresh and delicious after the ingredients are cold; Full-space permanent AAT negative oxygen ion fresh-keeping technology, providing 360-degree maintenance for food, allowing fruits and vegetables to lock water for more than 90% in 7 days; using a full-scale AAT wisdom sterilization system, removing 91.17% of the large intestine through AAT+ smart wind Bacillus; external use of mildew grade 1 antibacterial door seal, antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus can reach 99%; refrigerator handle with anti-mildew grade 1 silver ion antibacterial handle, collar 'fresh' strength can not be underestimated!

Another healthy laundry around the washing machine, TCL washing machine broke through technical barriers for three years, the first new class of pollution-free washing machine, from the pollution-free washing machine to the sewage-free water-sealed drum washing machine, the sewage-free barrel washing machine, and then Fully upgraded the 'free pollution +' product brand strategy, always adhere to the continuous innovation of product technology, completely solve the problem of secondary pollution of laundry, create a healthy 'free-stained home' for users, become the founder of free pollution system solution, pollution-free standard The makers and the first featured product certification winners of the China National Light Industry Council.

The newly launched TCL pollution-free washing and drying integrated drum washing machine has 100% free stain, and the first low-temperature quick-drying condensing type washing and drying machine, which realizes 40-minute speed washing and drying, 50-degree low-temperature drying and care, and more T- DI intelligent precision automatic delivery system, one-time addition to meet the needs of users in January. TCL pollution-free washing machine can be said to be the strength of the dirt!

In 2016, the “Healthy China 2030 Planning Outline” was released, the national healthy lifestyle action was raised to the national strategy, and the big health industry became the new engine of the Chinese economy. By 2021, the market size of China's big health industry will be close to 13 trillion, huge. The health industry will be the refrigerator washing machine market, ushering in a round of rapid development opportunities. TCL ice wash vision for the user's health, with high-end products continue to provoke consumers to upgrade the nerves, this is the TCL ice wash quickly 'upper position' product strategy.

Strategy 2: Marketing assistance, continuous exposure

'Good horse with good saddle', good products also need high-quality marketing promotion to assist. China refrigerator washing machine market is actually not optimistic compared to household air conditioners. Last year, the washing machine market sales increased slightly by 1.4%, refrigerator market sales A slight increase of 0.6%, both sales volume, sales and year-on-year growth rate are much smaller than household air conditioners.

In 2018, the ice wash data given by data agencies is more cautious, and the incremental space is still not obvious. Avi Cloud (AVC) predicts that the size of the washing machine and refrigerator market will increase by 1.1% and 0.6% respectively in 2018. The ice washing industry in the past Survival and development have been difficult in the past few years, demand is in a state of lag, and the soaring prices of raw materials represented by black and white materials have brought heavy burdens to business operations. However, leading enterprises have always had a competitive advantage, and industry concentration will remain in the short term. Higher level.

Therefore, in the background of the downturn, brands with potentials want to catch up with the front line, not only to make a big fuss in high-end products, but also to stand out in brand marketing promotion. TCL ice wash brand marketing is exemplary, sports + Entertainment mode is constantly exposed in the industry!

Signed football star Neymar, in the past Russia World Cup TCL ice wash shine, and with the TCL global brand ambassador Neymar's IP resources and international image, further to the world, writing the responsibility and responsibility of big country brands, establish the industry Leading international image.

On June 28th, TCL Ice Wash teamed up with FIBA ​​International Basketball Association to start a new journey. TCL officially became the global partner of the 2019FIBA Basketball World Cup, the main sponsor of the 2018 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup Asian Qualifier and the 2018 FIBA ​​Women's World Cup partner. This is following TCL After sponsoring the Chinese men's basketball national team and signing Neymar and other series of sports marketing campaigns, once again force the basketball game another action.

Helping Happy Twist's annual drama masterpiece "Shakespeare Don't Be Angry", sponsoring the weekly food/lifestyle talk show "Yellow Kitchen's Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter", TCL CCTV documentary "Daguo Brands and Lines" broadcast... TCL Ice Wash Entertainment + Sports marketing tools, constantly tempering TCL brand tonality!

In addition, in the node promotion activities, TCL ice wash is not unconventional. Recently, it has launched an in-depth cooperation with JD.com, bringing the '719TCL Jingdong Super Brand Day' promotion activities to the consumers, following the 618 shopping spree again. Bringing a feast for consumers to buy. The benefits include: Every 1000 minus 100, 7.19 yuan limited spike, home appliances 12/6 interest-free, in addition to Jingdong distinguished PIUS member, also provide full 2000 minus 100 yuan exclusive coupon.

Sports, entertainment, big promotion activities, TCL ice wash is not falling, more insist on refined marketing, research consumer demand and consumer behavior, through the transformation and upgrading of marketing methods to enlarge the exposure during the brand growth process, thereby enhancing 4. The brand's own hematopoietic capacity, this is the promotion strategy of TCL ice wash.

Strategy 3: Directional control, leading the overall situation

Any specific action of the home appliance enterprise must have a clear target strategy, which is better than the nuances and the overall layout. Since the birth of the TCL refrigerator washing machine, it has adhered to the brand concept of 'pragmatic innovation'. Focusing on user needs, step by step to achieve product technology update iteration. Up to now, TCL ice wash has a clearer development direction, is leading the industry chess game with a higher pattern and vision.

Since April 2013, TCL Group has invested 7 billion yuan to build a high-end ice-washing industrial base in Hefei, Anhui Province, focusing on the development of 'smart, efficient, energy-saving, healthy' refrigerators and washing machines. TCL's high-end ice-washing business has rapidly emerged. At the Hefei base, the TCL ice-washing industry began to transform and upgrade in the mid-to-high-end strategic direction. In just four years, the competitiveness of the overall industry was rapidly improved. In 2018, the TCL ice-washing brand, the products were upgraded again and again, and truly realized from scratch. , from low to high, the Jedi changes!

First of all, TCL washing machine will upgrade 'free pollution' to a 'free pollution +' strategy: In 2018, China's offline channel business will take the lead in achieving full product line pollution free, and stop the research and development investment of non-free sewage washing products within this year. By 2020, the production of non-soil-free washing machines will be stopped, and more users will be provided with the health care provided by the pollution-free washing machine, creating 100% free sewage and healthy washing care.

Secondly, TCL refrigerators also fully upgrade the smart health 'air-cooled +' product brand strategy: 2018 TCL refrigerator's unique AAT smart sterilization system will be fully popularized in more than 250L new products, all new products 100% antibacterial door seal and antibacterial Handle; by 2020, TCL refrigerators strive to achieve a 70% share of healthy refrigerator sales.

TCL refrigerator washing machine has drawn a clear development path - wisdom, health, which is also one of the trend of high growth in the ice washing industry in the next few years.

'Quality' is the key point highlighted by TCL's ice-washing future growth. Zhang Li, general manager of TCL White Appliances' China Marketing Center, said that industry pressure is fair for every home appliance company, while TCL is ice-washed. The two key words for achieving quality growth under pressure are product breakthrough and refined marketing. This is the specific operation of TCL Ice Wash in the implementation of the overall strategy. Winning strategy.

Throughout the year of 2018, the TCL refrigerator washing machine intends to achieve quality growth by exploring opportunities and capturing opportunities. The sales target exceeded 450,000 units in 2018! According to industry online disclosure data, TCL washing machines from January to April 2018 Sales increased by 9.2% year-on-year, and increased by 24.2% year-on-year in April; TCL refrigerators increased by 9.1% year-on-year in January-April and 25.9% year-on-year in April, and the target is likely to be reached ahead of schedule.

China's ice-washing industry has entered a new stage of horizontal development. TCL refrigerator washing machines are rushing in front of other enterprises to flex their troops. With high-end health products, refined marketing methods and the overall development posture of the industry, a new chapter in the ice-washing brand pattern is being written. !