For the mainstream entry market | BenQ released LK95 and LU95 series laser engineering projectors

On July 24, 2018, BenQ held a new conference on laser engineering projectors in Beijing. This conference, BenQ and "Xu Bing: Thoughts and Methods" exhibitions were held in cooperation, showing the all-round BenQ laser engineering projectors. At the same time, a variety of solutions also indicate the continued strength of BenQ in the engineering projector market. At the meeting, BenQ announced two new series of laser engineering projectors, LK95 and LU95, covering the mainstream entry-level market. Has been listed in different regions.

Zhang Zhijun, senior product manager of BenQ Projector Division, said that in 2017, BenQ announced that all projectors will adopt laser technology, and proposed that the laser module is miniaturized, the price is more close to the people, the light source is highly efficient and the image quality is highly differentiated. Market trends. For BenQ, 2018 will continue to work hard in highlights, high scores, high color and high stability, while continuing to expand and expand the laser projector product line and market.

In terms of new engineering projectors, BenQ released two series of 5 laser engineering projectors, LK95 and LU95. According to reports, 5 products are different in design, LK952 is for high-end conferences, LK953ST is for primary simulation, LU950/LU951 For the high-end conference, LU951ST is the main immersive experience. In addition, BenQ also launched LK990 products for the high-end clubs.

Highlights Both the LK95 and LU95 series are equipped with BenQ BlueCore technology, which can give full play to the long-term advantages of DLP graphics. In order to improve the picture quality, the high-end new products are equipped with 8.3 million UHD 4K technology, which can finely present every detail. The new product is equipped with IP6X closed light machine and convex shape color wheel sensor, which has better dustproof effect. Excellent lens displacement design can bring better installation design and better installation flexibility.

The BenQ LU95 and LK95 series of laser engineering projectors use the third generation of laser light source and semiconductor packaging technology to bring high efficiency and stable energy output characteristics, and the optical machine is smaller. The projector can last up to 20,000 hours, 7X24 hours. Uninterrupted use. DMD offers native high contrast and laser technology for an additional 10x contrast ratio. Its 100,000:1 contrast provides true deep black, allowing dark details to be clearly visible.

Among them, LU95 series laser engineering projector adopts blue band laser, which makes the blue performance more pure. LU95 series laser engineering projector also supports common 3D formats such as left and right, up and down, frame packing, frame sequence, etc., up to WUXGA (1920X1080) 3D, Blu-ray 3D, to the maximum extent to meet user needs.

The LK95 series supports 4K resolution, and the picture display is clearer. The 8.3 million different pixels of DLP XPR technology greatly enhance the picture detail. The HDR high dynamic range makes the picture more realistic by displaying the brightness and color contrast.

In terms of brightness, LU950/LU951ST/LK952/LK953ST is equipped with an optimized two-color wheel system (fluorescent wheel + color wheel), providing 5000lm brightness output, LU951 provides 5200lm brightness output; new products support DICOM X-ray mode, which can optimize gray level It is suitable for teaching and training that needs to view grayscale medical graphics; among them, LU951ST has a projection ratio of 0.8, which can reveal 150-inch images above 3 meters.

For installation, the LU950 supports 1.6x zoom, and the LU951ST supports 1.1x zoom. The picture can be larger while maintaining clear picture quality. The LK952/LK953ST also provides vertical ±60%, horizontal ±30% lens shift, and supports 360 degrees. Projection and vertical keystone correction, just press the Quick Install button to enter the quick installation mode menu for related operations, and you can control multiple ID projectors with one remote control.

Ming has released a number of new products with a lot of highlights, from the laser source +4K combination and has entered the market at a premium price, which has strong support for the increase in the market share of engineering projectors. Zhang Zhijun also revealed that BenQ will also lay a higher lumen in the future. 4K engineering projector products.