Mobile phone prints home at home | Lenovo Xiaoxin printers get started

Before we start this article, let's start with the ultimate question: What is the most fundamental need for home printing? How does Lenovo consider this issue? Especially for Chinese consumers, a new printer and a traditional printer made by a local brand. what is the difference?

With these questions, let's take a look at Lenovo's latest 'Xiaoxin' series of laser MFPs, the M7268W.

Mobile phone prints home at home. Experience Lenovo Xiaoxin printer

Smart APP, WeChat printing, a little mobile phone, print home

At present, more and more school homework and test papers are published by the teacher in the parent group WeChat group. Parents print themselves. The main purpose of many families to buy printers is to use for print jobs.

There are more and more wifi printers on the market today, but they all need to be printed next to the printer. For children who are still in school early, parents are still working, the wireless printing function is ineffective, or after the parents need to go home. In order to print out the job.

Lenovo Xiaoxin M7268W, a new upgraded Xiaoxin print app, supports remote printing function, whether you are at work or on a business trip, domestic or foreign, you can initiate print jobs anytime, anywhere.

For documents received on WeChat, just select 'Open with other apps' - 'Xiaoxin Print App' to send the print job to the printer at home for printing in minutes. The phone is a little, the homework is done, and the parents are sure to solve the job. Printed pain points.

Lenovo brand new Xiaoxin Good to use!

The value of the face is an important consideration for many users to purchase products. The home that has been carefully decorated and arranged must be equipped with beautiful equipment.

At first glance, the Lenovo Xiaoxin M7268W gives a refreshing feeling. It is not like a traditional printer. It is more like a stylishly designed inhaled CD player. Pure white texture, ultra-thin body, fresh appearance. The modern minimalist style is versatile anywhere in the house.

The control panel of the entire device is simplified to only two buttons. One is the power button and the other is the copy and scan function keys. Two buttons can be used for 80% of the daily use, and more functions can be printed through Xiaoxin. APP to control, very in line with the use of modern Internet of Things products.

The two ears on both sides of the fuselage - two petal-shaped porous structures are laser-printed vents, which exhaust the excess heat inside after printing, and are beautiful.

The input tray is subtly hidden in the back, and the foldable design is small and practical. The front mouth is the paper exit, which directly omits the paper exit tray that is common on traditional printers. The files are printed directly on the desktop. Completely OK.

There is also a particular emphasis on paper design. Traditional small laser printers are usually U-shaped paper paths that go in and out, while Lenovo Xiaoxin M7268W innovatively uses L-shaped paper paths that move in and out. Paper paths are shorter and paper is bent. The degree is smaller, the paper passability is improved, and the paper jam probability is greatly reduced.

Even the damp or wrinkled paper can be printed smoothly. Of course, the L-shaped paper is one of the reasons why it is so small.

Don't look at it is small and simple, but it has many functions. It supports three functions of printing, copying and scanning. The ID card is also not copied. It is equipped with wireless network, and supports wireless network printing or wireless direct printing.

The top flat scanning platform can scan black and white or color documents, as well as scan color pictures, photos. Features are not discounted.

Home printing, especially for home printing in China, is actually the final document rather than the printer itself. The process of printing is of course as simple as possible. From the minimalist style of Xiaoxin M7268W, Lenovo thinks so. This is also the product.

Drive and setup One-step convenience

Friends who have used wireless printers know that traditional printers install drivers. Setting up wireless requires several steps, and each brand is different.

For this reason, merchants often also make driver installations, wireless setting video tutorials, and people who save troubles spend a hundred dollars to buy 'home installation' services. To put it bluntly, the core appeal of consumers is still simple and fast.

After purchasing the M7268 series printer, download the driver on Lenovo Image's official website, double-click to start using the 'quick installation' mode, click once to drive the driver, scan the client, and 'small new print' document printing tools are all installed. Follow the prompts to restart PC can be, very simple.

↑↑↑ Just wait for a moment

If it is a wireless M7268W model, it will prompt to set up the wireless network before the installation is completed. Add the printer to the existing wireless LAN through the PC to realize the wireless network communication between the computer and the printer. It is also very simple, just like setting up the wireless network on the laptop. .

Lenovo M7268 series driver installation and network settings, truly 'one step' in place. No need to print the configuration page, do not need to click any button on the printer, simply and quickly do things right. Not only is the home simple enough, but also in the office Very useful.

Mobile printing, mobile phone is the printer

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned the mobile printing function. At present, Lenovo is very advanced in the industry. It is unique in Xiaoxin M7268W. During the driver installation process, it will prompt to scan the QR code to download the mobile application 'Xiaoxin. Print ', we download and install it on the phone.

扫描When installing the driver, scan the QR code.

After the driver is installed, Xiaoxin M7268W also joins the wireless network, and the mobile phone is in the same network; open the 'small new print' application and wait for a while, you will find that the printer automatically appears!

On the mobile phone, you can print, copy, scan, and quickly copy the ID card. After the operation, take the file on the printer or view the scanned file on the mobile phone. It is finished. You don't need to click some buttons on the printer, don't worry about the connection. Or failure; mobile phone point, WYSIWYG.

After the printer driver is installed, the 'Remote Print' QR code is automatically printed. By scanning the 'Remote Print' portal in the new print app, the QR code can be scanned to complete the binding operation of the device.

When you need to remotely print the files in WeChat, you only need to select 'Open with other applications' for the files received on WeChat, and select 'Xiaoxin Print APP' to remotely print WeChat files.

At the same time, in the remote printing interface, you can also select the local file of the mobile phone to print, or you can copy the web page, the URL of the public article, and use the web printing function to print favorite articles, which is very convenient.

↑↑↑WeChat sweep 'remote print' QR code (code content post-fuzzification)

Note that in addition to supporting common image formats, TXT, PDF format, Word, PPT, Excel is also supported, thanks to the accumulation of Lenovo's development of printing workshops in the past.

In the cloud server processing print data is converted into a raster file recognizable by the printer, and supports mobile phone preview. And what we experience is remote printing of the mobile phone, just like using a PC, the printer is as familiar as the side, behind the hidden Lenovo The accumulation and innovation of images in printing.

For the first time, we used a mobile phone to print with a comfortable feeling. You don't need to care about other things, swipe your phone and click on it to get the files you need. This is the mobile printing I want.

Printed goods, accurate and clear

Finally, the quality of the printed product is measured. Print the test page with different fonts and font size. The seventh and upper texts are clear, the strokes are sharp and unbroken, and the reading is good; the smallest No. 8 Song can also be recognized.

The white background and the inverted English letter test page print similarly, with white background 6p and above, inverted 7p and above letters clear, and the background color boundary is clear. Inverted proof background color blackness is uniform without white spots, ink does not infect letters The white of the strokes, the image quality is good.

The black and white graphic copy is better than the print, the text is clear, the image is basically accurate, and the background color is also restored. The copy is higher than the original black, which should be used to ensure the clarity of the copy. readability.

Look at the scan. Scan the A4 color image at 300dpi resolution to generate a JPG file. The scanned text is clear, and the image shape and color reproduction are more accurate. The generated JPG file is clearly displayed on the PC screen, and the reading is good.

Overall, Xiaoxin M7268W has good printing and copying quality. Scanning supports black and white, grayscale and color output to meet basic scanning needs. This one machine is enough for home quality.

Experience summary:

Lenovo M7268W features distinctive, completely different from traditional laser printing products. The design is minimal, the basic configuration, to meet the simplest printing needs of home.

Mobile printing experience, under the careful design of Lenovo, is very amazing, and playing on the mobile phone, scan the code to see the public number is exactly the same, almost can ignore the existence of the printer, just need to pick up the file in the past.

The cost of printing is not rising, the separation of toner, cheap original consumables, so that home printing is no longer a burden. Still, what about this multi-function printer, quickly see the consumer’s word of mouth .