Low-temperature air-conditioning | greedy cool shirtless | expert tips to overcome the summer misunderstanding

In the hot summer days, some citizens like to try to lower the air-conditioning temperature in order to avoid the heat, or take a cold shower immediately after sweating. These habits are actually not desirable. The Chongqing Municipal Health Planning Commission organized experts to write a heatstroke guide. Overcome some summer misunderstandings, which contribute to health and summer.

Recently, the 'fire stove' has emerged in Qingdao with high temperature and high temperature. The highest daily temperature in most areas exceeds 40 °C, which is prone to heat and heat. In hot weather, many people set the air conditioning temperature at home very low. In fact, indoor and outdoor The large temperature difference will make the body feel uncomfortable. The Chongqing Municipal Health and Family Committee's heatstroke guide suggests that the summer room temperature should be kept between 25 °C and 28 °C, which will make the body feel cool and reduce the risk of infection.

After a lot of people sweating, they also like to take a cold shower immediately. This is also not desirable. The heatstroke guide suggests that the correct way is to choose a warm water bath that is slightly higher than the body surface temperature. After bathing, the body will feel more comfortable.

At the same time, in the hot weather, some people think that the less they wear, the cooler they are, and even the bare-chested. In fact, in the summer heat, the daily maximum temperature will generally exceed 37 °C, the skin will not only dissipate heat, but will absorb heat from the external environment. In the summer, the shirtlessness will feel hotter. The heatstroke guide suggests that the hotter the heat is, the more the temperature is higher or close to the body surface temperature, the more you should wear sweat-absorbent clothes to protect yourself.