2018 Electric Expo: Commander L.ONE set won 5 design awards

With the development of the economy and the innovation of the consumption structure, people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher. As a result, the demand for smart home appliances is also exploding. Some data show that the scale of the smart home appliance market will be In 2020, it reached 294.2 billion yuan. Intelligent, technological and personalized has become the mainstream trend of industrial development.

On July 21, 2018 China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) was held in Qingdao. As a weather vane in the domestic consumer electronics field, this year's Fair will be in line with the theme of 'Creating and Sharing the World of Things', creating an intelligence for the audience. Technology feast. Among them, the commander's performance from the design to the product experience, won five industry awards: its L.ONE air conditioner won the industrial design award, L.ONE refrigerator won the trend design award, Weizhen washing machine and heat pump L. ONE water heater won the annual innovation fashion award, the commander LES40H-LX (U1) electric water heater won the product innovation award.

According to the review experts, the innovation of the company is to integrate global R&D and design resources, emphasize 'high value' and 'applicability', create exclusive home appliances for young people, and show the potential of the young home appliance market. According to the commander of the commander, light fashion is a life concept, which represents the simple, natural way of life that people crave in fast-paced modern life. The reason why the L.ONE system of the commander can be in this session The five prizes won in the fair, precisely because of its simple design to meet the needs of users, by removing redundant decorative effects, to achieve a visual aesthetic that meets the user's aesthetic.

Specifically, the award-winning L.ONE air conditioner is equipped with a HOME one-button design, which not only makes the interface clean and tidy, but also is extremely simple to use, which can bring a better operating experience to the user. The layout adds a drawer to the 105cm box. This design allows the user to avoid the hard work of bending over and the refrigerator to achieve a more compact and bright visual effect. The Weizhen washing machine does the opposite. The largest roller viewing window in the industry, but because of the proportion of the fuselage is appropriate, and then echoed with the flat design, thus enhancing the design aesthetic.

At this year's Fair, the experiencer can interact face-to-face with the home improvement designer to realize the personalized customization of the smart life scene. The commander of the industry has launched community interaction around young users, and can continuously improve the participation of many parties to create a win-win situation. The ecological economy. Prior to this, Commander Electric created four major space in Beijing's 798 Art District, encouraging more young people to be good at perceiving the leisure and beauty of life while exploring their work. Through cross-border public welfare, variety and music, Quanshuai Electric will attract more young users after the 90s, which has become the source of brand innovation.

From user interaction to creative support to product landing, Commander Electric has built a whole process industry ecology, which can attract users to participate in brand interaction spontaneously and continuously enhance the radiation power of its young home appliance brand. It can be said that the commander of the electrical appliance locates the user's needs and finds Appropriate young people's pain points under the pressure of fast-paced work, with the 'zero distance' between users, opened the 'distance' with other companies, guiding the direction of the development of the industry.