Big company morning reading: Lenovo rumors and layoffs plan, Guangzhou Yonghui first unmanned drone takeaway

Lenovo official response to layoffs rumors: purely a rumor

Recently, there have been rumors that Lenovo is preparing for a large-scale layoff plan, and people are worried. Soon Lenovo Group responded: 'Lenovo Group has a good overall business in the near future, and the recovery momentum is obvious. There is no plan for large-scale layoffs. The news is purely a rumor. '

The cryptocurrency momentum is just right, Bitcoin is closing at $7,624.

In the most recent week, the cryptocurrency market has risen sharply. The total market value of all cryptocurrencies has reached $282.7 billion, up 2% in the past 24 hours. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has risen nearly 1%, and the closing price is $7,624. .

China's three major storage companies will complete mass production of LPDDR4 chips in the first half of 2019

The three major storage companies in China, Hefei Changxin, Changjiang Storage and Fujian Jinhua, have basically completed the production of LPDDR4 sample chips. It is expected that in the first half of 2019, the three major companies will officially start mass production of LPDDR4 chips.

Guangzhou Yonghui recently launched the drone takeaway business

Yonghui Super Species officially settled in Guangzhou on the first day of the opening day. Yonghui will enter into a strategic cooperation with Yihang. Through the products of Yonghui Life APP or small program, the system will choose drone distribution according to the distribution environment, from takeoff to Delivery to your door is as fast as 4 minutes.

EU anti-monopoly continues to force, Qualcomm may face fines

Earlier, the EU had just imposed a huge fine on Google’s monopoly in Europe. Just this week, the EU’s judiciary said it sent another list of allegations to Qualcomm, allegingly accusing Qualcomm of selling at below cost. Chipset, in order to crowd out competitors.

Vantage replies to the Consumers Association: Non-winning packages are not a refund

With the French team holding the World Cup Cup the day before, the news about the refund of Vantage has been constantly updated. Recently, Vantage is calling for the Consumers Association, saying that if the customer’s order includes 'winning package' and 'non-winning package' , only refund the 'winning package' product amount.