Reading: Is it hard to eat chicken with the game? That's because you haven't learned about Ta yet. It's hard to eat chicken with the game? That's because you haven't understood Ta yet.

Speaking of the popular 'Jesus Survival' and 'Barrier Night' games, what are the thoughts of your friends? Is it exciting game content, is it a realistic game screen, or is it a prohibitive configuration requirement? With the richness of the screen, the game's hardware configuration requirements for the computer are also getting higher and higher, and even some 3A game masterpieces require a top-configured game computer to run smoothly, which also makes many small partners break their hearts.

With the introduction of the ultra-performance 8th generation Intel® CoreTM processor, it is no longer difficult to play 'eat chicken' on the game. Therefore, major PC manufacturers have also launched eight generations. Intel® CoreTM processor games are new, and they have become the first choice for many gamers to purchase gaming PCs. Recently, HP’s new Light and Shadow Wizard 4th generation high-performance gaming book is such a product that everyone is concerned about. , Poke me for more.

The cool look is often the first impression that many games give us, and the design of the HP Light and Shadow Wizard 4 is unique. It adopts a new angular design, and holds a simple design concept, bringing a new visual experience to the user. Its A side is simple in appearance, and the overall design is low-key and simple. It is very suitable for office and learning use scenes. At the same time, the color of the logo and the keyboard backlight are complemented by each other. It also reveals the madness of the game, which is a low-key look. Really publicized 'cross-border' game book.

In addition to the unique design, strong hardware performance is also a place where you are impressed with the game. The HP Light and Shadow Elf is equipped with the 8th generation Intel® CoreTM processor, which is outstanding in performance. At the same time, it also has built-in GTX 1050Ti. Separate graphics card and 8GB DDR4 2666MHz memory, play a variety of large-scale games on the market, even if you eat chicken, you can also have a great gaming experience. In addition, it also equipped with 128GB PCIe NVMe SSD+ The 1TB HDD hard drive combination meets our high performance and high capacity requirements.

In order to create the ultimate gaming experience, many manufacturers have put a lot of effort into the refresh rate of the game screen. When the screen refresh rate of the mainstream gamebook still stays at 60Hz, the HP Light Shadow Wizard has a refresh rate of 144Hz. It is sincere, it not only gives us a smoother gaming experience, but also the color gamut of this 15.6-inch FHD gaming screen is 72%, which can display the game screen more accurately, with the screen Ultra-narrow bezel design gives users a more powerful gaming experience.

For the game, the keyboard is also part of the game experience, and the keyboard of the HP Light and Shadow Wizard 4 is equally amazing. Its keyboard backlight color reveals a full game feel, and the keyboard's keystrokes and feedback are also designed very reasonably. It has a very strong tapping feel, and the keyboard is also coated with 3 layers of anti-wear layer, which can effectively prevent the keystrokes from being blurred and the keyboard to be oiled. After using the keyboard for a long time, it can still be clean as new.

If you want the game to make the most of its performance without turning the fuselage into a teppanyaki, the cooling system is especially important, so the HP Light and Shadow Wizard 4 upgraded the cooling system and divided the cooling module into two parts. The heat emitted by the processor and the graphics card can be separately discharged from the outside of the body, which greatly improves the heat dissipation efficiency. The design of the new air outlet not only makes the whole machine look more cool, but also the heat dissipation efficiency is further improved. Improvement.

At the same time, HP Light Shadow Wizard 4's network card also supports MU-MIMO function, and brings the multi-device signal to each other without interference, the network has no delay excellent experience. Diamond speaker grille plus B&Q sound effect, can also let users experience more Infectious sound. In addition, the interface, it is equipped with USB2.0, USB3.0, keyhole, card reader, headset interface, HDMI2.0, USB-Type-C, to meet the needs of players.

Nowadays, the configuration of the game book is getting higher and higher. Many game players are more willing to choose the game book when they purchase the game computer. However, the current game has many products on the market, which makes consumers pick the eye, and the light and shadow elf 4 has the mainstream. Configuration - the super 8th generation Intel® CoreTM processor makes it fly, 10 series graphics and 8GB of memory are also sufficient for large single games, and the dual hard drive is designed to meet our daily needs. It is also equipped with a 1080P high color gamut e-sports display that supports 144Hz refresh rate, which can make the game screen not jammed, making the game screen more beautiful and smooth. At the same time, its ultra-narrow bezel design is complemented by B&Q sound effects. Players can enjoy the immersive gaming experience. It can be said that the Light and Shadow Wizard 4 is the best choice for buying a game book. Poke me for more.