How to complete the 4.5 million goal? See the 'Three Battles' of TCL Ice Wash

At the AWE 2018 conference, the phrase '2018's goal is to sell more than 4.5 million ice washes at home and abroad', which opened the curtain of TCL ice wash in 2018. Since last year, the ice wash market has been sustained by raw material prices. High-level, real estate policy tightening and other complex environmental impacts, the situation is grim, TCL is still full of confidence, what is the strength behind the confidence, has become the focus of attention in the industry.

Technological innovation leads the way

Technology is the primary productive force, and technological innovation plays an important role in the enterprise. TCL Ice Wash has long known this truth. Under the environment of accelerated consumption upgrade, it specializes in technological innovation, insists on configuration upgrade and experience upgrade and 'walks away'. In order to bend over the road in a highly competitive market.

At present, consumer upgrades have penetrated into the refrigerator market, making users' demand for refrigerators more diverse and personalized. The innovation of user-centered technology products is triggering new consumption changes. Among them, preservation and health have become an inevitable trend of market development. TCL refrigerator Taking health as the center and keeping fresh as the main purpose, let users shine. Since the first TCL negative oxygen ion (AAT) fresh-keeping refrigerator in 2015, the first TCL air-cooled double-inverter refrigerator in 2016, the global release of integrated inverter in 2017 Air-cooled refrigerators, TCL refrigerators are unique in air-cooling and fresh-keeping. This year, AWE has been upgraded to a smart and healthy 'wind-cooled'.

It is understood that in order to prevent the ingredients from being eroded by bacteria while in the fresh-keeping, TCL refrigerator is the first in the industry to achieve the anti-mold level 1 silver ion antibacterial handle, the antibacterial rate is 99%, and the anti-mildew class 1 antibacterial Door seal, the Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus sterilization rate of up to 99%, to achieve the health management of the external space of the refrigerator; inside the refrigerator, through the AAT intelligent sterilization system, remove 91.17% of the internal space of E. coli, protect the ingredients Fresh and safe, providing thoughtful health care for the family.

Not only TCL refrigerators, TCL washing machines also directly hit the user's pain points, from the pollution-free pulsator washing machine, to the pollution-free drum washing machine, to the sewage-free barrel washing machine, TCL washing machine completely solved the laundry secondary pollution and clothing and clothing The cross-contamination between the two became the founder of the free sewage system solution, the maker of the standard for the pollution-free washing machine, the first featured certification winner of the China National Light Industry Federation.

In 2018, TCL washing machine has re-started, upgrading the product brand strategy, and is committed to providing users with 100% free pollution, including all-round pollution-free, whole process pollution-free and life-long pollution-free. In stages, 2018 In the year, TCL washing machine will take the lead in achieving the whole line of products free of pollution, while stopping the research and development investment of non-stainless products, and stop production of non-soil-free washing machines in 2020, and gradually promote the upgrade of health care, so that 'free pollution + ' Really become the standard of healthy living, leading the experience of upgrading the health of the era.

According to industry analysts, as a big country brand, TCL ice wash is focusing on the healthy needs of users, directly hitting users' pain points, promoting product upgrades with technological innovation, promoting healthy home appliances to keep moving forward, and letting healthy life enter thousands of households. Let the product return to the essence and create value for the user.

Sports marketing team battle

The World Cup has been settled, and the news of the French team's victory has spread all over the world. Although the Brazilian team lost to the Belgian team in the 8th and 4th matches, many people have not been able to let go, but the TCL ice wash will hold Neymar to continue to fight the battlefield. Stick to the spirit of sports! Believe Neymar, believe in Brazil, this is not the end.

It is understood that on the eve of the World Cup, the big country brand "Secret" starring Neymar, with the theme of "Life is Legendary", with the help of Neymar's super IP story, shows the growth of TCL to the world. Through Neymar + big country brand double IP superposition detonation, achieved another powerful breakthrough in TCL brand marketing.

The industry believes that with the star effect of Neymar and the traffic injection of the World Cup, and based on the influence of the TCL brand in the global market and the guidance of the Group's overall global brand strategy, TCL refrigerator washing machines will usher in a new international perspective, continue to As a new breakthrough, the overseas market actively explores global business, gradually improves product layout and channel system construction based on regional markets, and strengthens brand image and user perception.

It is worth mentioning that after a wave of unrest, the World Cup is over, but the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup, which was held in China for the first time in 2019, has touched the hearts of countless basketball fans. TCL is also advancing on the road of sports marketing. On the 28th, TCL signed a contract with FIBA ​​Global Partners in Shenzhen, officially becoming the global partner of the 2019FIBA Basketball World Cup, the main sponsor of the 2018 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup Asian Qualifier and the 2018 FIBA ​​Women's World Cup partner.

In addition, TCL's sports marketing has spread from the inside out to overseas. It has sponsored the golf European Tour for four consecutive years and sponsored the NBA Timberwolves. It is popular in the United States, Australia, Thailand, India and other countries.

Regarding sports marketing, many brands in the home appliance industry are practicing, but TCL ice wash is a frequent highlight in sports brand marketing. It will focus on the brand development genes, continue to follow the sports career with 'special love', hope to pass basketball, football, etc. Sports passion, sportsmanship, fun-filled experience and brand rejuvenation, through the power of the event into brand power, deep interaction with young people, accelerate brand globalization.

Wisdom transformation

At the moment, although still in the initial stage of development, the popularity of artificial intelligence has exceeded expectations. At last year's CES, Mr. Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL Group, mentioned: Future artificial intelligence will become the standard for TCL products. TCL refrigerator washing machine also No exception, under the enthusiasm of AI, the transformation of wisdom upgrades.

In the product, almost all refrigerators in TCL use smart technology. Take TCL BCD-499WEF1 refrigerator as an example, it adds smart air function to make the cooling more uniform. In the intelligent upgrade process of the refrigerator, TCL is more user experience. Focus on. Unlike the screen control on the refrigerator door in the market, TCL upgrades from the previous product intelligent function to the product intelligence, and the application scene is upgraded. It can meet different ages and different ways through smart +, function +, scene +, audience + etc. Consumers with different habits and different life concepts, diversified needs for smart homes.

In terms of washing machine, TCL Q series intelligent washing machine is equipped with pollution-free technology and intelligent user service. It is a washing machine with user-selected washing mode, one-button smart laundry, and a variety of laundry methods can be conveniently selected through APP. The washing machine will automatically set the most suitable laundry parameters according to the type, quantity and dirtiness of the clothes selected by the user. At the same time, through the smart small Q provided by the APP, the user can also perform smart laundry through natural voice control.

It is not difficult to see that TCL's 'smart + Internet' transformation strategy, mainly through technology design innovation, gives products more high-tech value based on traditional advantages, and thus moves closer to higher-level wisdom scenes. 2018, TCL refrigerator The washing machine will continue to integrate into the more humanized, intelligent technology close to the user's pain points, to provide users with the products and services of the ultimate experience, while also adhering to the pragmatic and innovative concept, constantly adhere to the industry, determined to innovate, practice the responsibility and goals of the big country brand .

Written at the end

For the ice washing industry, no matter how the market changes, the future must belong to the world of innovation, change and intelligence. Compared with traditional white electricity companies, TCL ice washing has come to the fore, but it has been overtaking, and it has always been Technology innovation, marketing gameplay, channel diversification and intelligent high-end quality and strategy. The goal of 4.5 million in 2018 may not be a small number, but I believe that TCL ice wash can be done well, and a perfect answer is delivered at the end of the year.