How to choose a household mites | Xiaobian brings a new health experience

The summer weather is hot, and with the coming of the rainy season, the temperature and humidity are high, which is the best season for aphid reproduction. Aphids are the most intense allergens in the world, if not professionally removed, It will penetrate into the skin's hair follicles, causing some skin diseases and respiratory diseases, such as dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, etc., which will cause serious harm to people.

Aphids like to inhabit warm and humid places, but these places are very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Therefore, choosing an efficient and convenient mites in summer has become the top priority of many families. Take the N520 deodorizing vacuum cleaner made by Netease Zhi in the market as an example, and talk about some key points of picking up the sputum.

First, look at the brand

In addition to the huge potential of the Puyi market segment, it attracts many companies to enter the market. A well-known and reliable brand allows people to take fewer detours when choosing a scorpion. NetEase is a 3C electric sub-brand of NetEase. It specializes in diversified technology, covers a wide range of fields, and is a leader in many areas such as home healthcare, energy-efficient lighting, and early childhood education. As we all know, Netease is a company known for its product innovation and ingenuity. NetEase has appeared in the past 20 years. NetEase mailbox, NetEase strict selection, Netease cloud music and other word-of-mouth products. Backed by Netease, a well-known brand, Netease Zhizhi can give consumers more confidence to protect. At the same time, Netease Zhizhi draws on Netease's strict selection of the supply chain. Strict screening standards, both in terms of performance and price, are highly praised by consumers. In the increasingly fierce market competition, NetEase has created its own 'professional' and 'quality'.

Second, look at sucking ability

The sucking ability is the core performance of the user. The mites have the habit of protecting themselves. The seeds are hook-shaped. Once the fibers are hung, the vibration will firmly catch the fabric, so the traditional smashing instrument has a single vibration. It is impossible to achieve a better mites effect. Netease's mites vacuum cleaner uses a 4-in-1 mitigation vacuum technology to effectively capture the stubborn locusts that are deeply hidden by the high-frequency tapping of 14,400 beats per minute. Upgrade UV-C UV to shoot them. These means ensure that Netease's dust removal rate is up to 99%, which is nearly 40% higher than that of sunlight.

Third, look at the filtration system

The filtration system determines where the mites and dust will be sucked after the mites. Therefore, a good mites also require a good filtration system to isolate secondary pollution and extend the life of the mites. The descaler uses a 0.03 micron MIF filter cotton and a cyclone power roller brush to filter most of the fine particles, dander, batt, etc., and suck it into the improved dust box for better separation of dust and dust. Air, let the dust collect into a group for easy cleaning, so that the exhaust air can reach the level after air purification.

The ravages of locusts not only cause damage to the body, but also affect mental health, which affects daily life. Therefore, it is a must-have job in summer.