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Although the notebook computer in our daily life is not a new thing, can be in the notebook computer has a lot of extension interface we may not know, these interfaces in addition to our common charging interface, USB interface, there are some we rarely use the interface, such as ' HDMI ' interface,

There are even a lot of users do not know what this is used to do, in fact it is a high-definition video signal output port, through an HDMI high-definition cable connection display equipment.

Compared to the VGA video signal output from our computer display, HDMI input screen will be relatively clearer, because the ordinary VGA signal is compressed processing, but the HDMI interface transmission of video and audio signals are uncompressed, and do not need to go back and forth the number of analog conversion, so to ensure the quality of the signal. In fact, in our daily life, we use high-definition playback platform or even 4K high resolution playback platform, we can not avoid encounter to choose and buy HDMI wire, at this time some small partners will ask, the market on the HDMI wire brand model so much, how should we choose? Not urgent, today for everyone to bring a high quality of the trace-Smart HDMI Project Super HD cable, now just business activities, the original price of 12 yuan now only 7.9 yuan, is very preferential, then we will take a look at it,

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Trace-wise HDMI Project Super HD cable 1.5 m Jz-h1.5m Traces of this HDMI line for the new Upgrade 2.0 version, and support 4K Super HD, since then broke the 1080p traditional HD concept, the definition of high-definition as 4k*2k.

At the same time, trace intelligence of this HDMI line can make audio and video lossless synchronous transmission, break through the traditional video and sound separate transmission restrictions, innovative audio and video integrated synchronous transmission, so that you feel the real 4K high-definition visual life. RELATED links:

Click to buy And in terms of materials, trace intelligence of this HDMI line selection of professional engineering materials, and the use of 24K gold-plated connectors to ensure that audio and video without loss of the same frequency transmission. The core uses high-quality high purity oxygen-free copper conductor, can effectively guarantee the HDMI high-definition signal transmission process signal weakness.

Black line body color plus golden Gold-plated interface, make the product appear mature and stable, just as hinted that its materials, the real material is no false. RELATED links:

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In addition, the trace intelligence of this HDMI Super HD cable also uses a multilayer dedicated shielding aluminum foil design, can effectively prevent signal interference, and ensure the transmission of high-definition quality. RELATED links:

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At the same time, traces of this HDMI super High-definition cable is also suitable for a variety of HDMI more high-definition interface equipment, such as computers, smart boxes, PS3 game consoles, monitors, high-definition television, as well as projectors, and so on, the use is very wide, can meet the various needs of our daily use. RELATED links:

Click to buy Perhaps in everybody's impression, the big brand can have the quality product assurance, but with the rise of many domestic brands has proved that the size of the brand and product quality is not an absolute relationship, and the product of trace intelligence is also so, traces of this HDMI ultra-HD cable in the performance parameters and major products no difference, and more crucially, Such a performance parameter and the same as the HDMI Super HD cable, its price is only one-third of big-name products, at the same time, now is engaged in business activities, the current Hemudu on the ex-gratia to 7.9 yuan A, 5 sales, the price is very affordable, have the needs of friends should consider,.