Foreign media: Facebook will build a custom chip

According to reports, Facebook sent another signal that it is joining Apple, the Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Amazon, and strive to build their own custom chips.

Earlier this year, Facebook began to form a team design chip. The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company is developing chips that can perform different tasks, including processing information for its vast data center and artificial intelligence software.

Facebook's move represents a trend, technology companies are trying to provide chips for themselves, and reduce dependence on chip makers such as Intel and Qualcomm. Since 2010, Apple has adopted its own custom master processing on iPad and iPhone. And built a series of custom chips for controlling Bluetooth, taking photos and other functions, as well as machine learning. By 2020, Apple hopes to start launching a Mac with its own main processor.

Facebook is developing several future devices through the Oculus Virtual Reality and Building 8 hardware divisions. Previously, the company launched the Oculus Go independent virtual reality helmet, which is powered by Qualcomm's smartphone chip. Facebook is still developing its first Brand hardware: A range of smart speakers, equipped with a large touch screen, can also be used for video chat.

These next-generation devices can be improved with custom chips. With their own chips, Facebook can better control product development and better integrate hardware and software.