Sharing charging treasure patent war is about to end | 6 of 7 patents were invalidated

The dispute over the patent for sharing the charging treasure that lasted for more than a year is about to come to a close. On July 11, China Intellectual Property released a message saying that of the seven patent invalidation cases initiated by the call, six patents were partially invalidated, of which four were patents. The claims concerning infringement were all invalidated, and another patent invalidation request was under trial. The Beijing Intellectual Property Court has made a judgment that the street power is not infringing. The absorption patent that has been used as the core patent has been invalidated. .

The market share of shared charging treasure is directly linked to the cabinet machine. The patent of the cabinet machine has become the killer of various enterprises. The identification of the Beijing Intellectual Property Court shows that the method of renting street electricity is better than the call. The court believes that the rental method of street electricity is optimized. The user experience can avoid the problem of charging user fees, occupying resources, etc. without inventory.

Calling technology and street power as active players in the shared charging treasure industry, the two sides in the patent competition has always been tit-for-tat. On May 25 this year, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court made a first-instance judgment on the two cases of patents and patents infringement disputes. The patented technology of Street Power Infringement Call Technology involves 'recharging mobile power rental equipment and charging clamping device' and 'absorption charging device'. Street electricity needs compensation for call technology totaling 2 million yuan. Street electricity subsequently appealed.

As early as July 2017, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court seized and detained the caller's cabinet of Longde Plaza in Changping District, which also opened the curtain of the patent dispute between the two parties for nearly a year. The shared charging treasure enterprise has gone through more than a year. After the barbaric growth, the industry returned to calm from the once frenetic state. When the caller sued Yunchong and Youdian, the shared charging treasure industry has just started, the pattern is still unclear, and now the shared charging treasure industry camp differentiation, calls and street power are It has already played an important role in the market structure. The result of the patent dispute between the two parties may trigger the industry pattern to change again.