Against South Korea! Japan JOLED has another 47 billion investment

According to the micro-network news, Japan Display Inc., Japan's OLED panel R&D/manufacturer JOLED has been funded by four Japanese companies by the end of June, with a total investment of 47 billion yen, of which the automotive component giant DENSO funded JOLED. 30 billion yen, Toyota Tsusho, a large trading company, invested 10 billion yen. Sumitomo Chemical, a semiconductor equipment manufacturer, Screen Holdings, also contributed.

The report pointed out that JOLED will use the funds obtained from the above capital increase to invest in a production plant in Nengmei City, Ishikawa Prefecture, with the goal of producing Korean manufacturers that can compete with the high market share in the OLED market and China that is expanding its investment in OLED. Manufacturer.

According to reports, after the capital increase, JOLED's largest shareholder, Japan's official government fund, "Industrial Innovation Organization (INCJ)" has fallen below 50%, and JOLED is also negotiating with other companies, with the ultimate goal of raising 100 billion yen. Funds (including the above 47 billion yen).

At the end of 2017, JOLED launched the commercial production of 21.6-inch 4K OLED panels. However, its output is low (produced from JOLED's 4.5-generation pilot line), the company said it is raising $900 million to support its OLED mass production in 2019. s plan.

JOLED announced the official plan for the first mass production printing OLED factory. JOLED will establish a production base in Nengmei City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The new plant will have a capacity of 50,000 pieces of 5.5 generations (1300 × 1500mm) per month, planned for 2020. Started mass production. JOLED will produce 10 to 32 inch OLED displays for automotive displays, high-end displays, etc.

It is understood that JOLED (Japan OLED) was established by Japan Display (Japan Display), Sony and Matsushita was funded by the Japanese industrial innovation organization INCJ in August 2014. The technology of JOLED is based on the technology and equipment developed by Panasonic. The device structure inherited from Sony (based on IGZO backplane). JOLED uses the P-OLED luminescent material provided by Sumitomo.

Japanese media pointed out that currently in the OLED panel market, South Korea's Samsung, LG is in the lead, but with Samsung and other "vapor-plated (in vacuum, red, green, blue and other luminescent materials vaporized to the substrate Compared with the technology, JOLED printing technology has a small initial investment burden, less material consumption, and manufacturing cost is expected to be 2-3 percent lower than that of evaporating, and once the cost is reduced, it is expected to provide OLED panels at a lower price. Therefore, JOLED plans to use price competitiveness as a weapon to regain its disadvantage.