China West Power Consortium won the bid for the 500 kV line of Thailand National Power Generation Bureau

Recently, the consortium of Xidian International, a subsidiary of China Xidian, and the local line contractor in Thailand successfully won the bid for the 500 kV TIWS-L-02 double-circuit four-split conductor, 140 km transmission line complete project, contract The amount is about $51.65 million.

The success of Thailand's EGAT500 kV TIWS-L-02 transmission line complete project marks that Xidian International has made a new breakthrough in the high-end power grid users' Thailand EGAT transmission line project, in order to undertake 500 kV in Thailand and neighboring countries in the future. The following transmission line complete sets of projects have laid a solid foundation, providing strong support for the layout and radiation of the 500 kV transmission line package.

Thailand as a “Belt and Road” In the important countries of Southeast Asia, the national economy and industrialization level are in the leading position among the 10 ASEAN countries. In the power industry, the overall energy structure, system planning, application of technical standards, etc. have higher requirements, transmission line materials. , Open substation equipment manufacturing and other aspects have strong localization capabilities. For a long time, foreign companies have mostly participated in the general contracting project by equipment suppliers or consortiums, and mainly based on European, Japanese and Korean well-known power manufacturing companies. Xidian International regards Thailand as an important market for key development and cultivation. It actively conducts in-depth analysis of market conditions and owner requirements, and continues to expand and develop local cooperation resources, and has made certain progress.

In 2011, Xidian International and the local engineering company in Thailand jointly won the bid for the EGATNAN 500/230/115 kV GIS complete substation project, with a total project value of approximately US$33 million. Xidian 230 kV GIS successfully entered the EGAT market in Thailand, due to the previous EGAT Using European and Japanese, Korean products, high requirements for product design, parameters, quality and project management, Xidian International and industry companies closely communicate, gradually familiar with the owner's technical and operational requirements, after many design optimization and The assembly improvement has finally met the requirements of the owner and successfully fulfilled the contract. The project has laid a good foundation for the continued development of the subsequent GIS project. In order to further open up the situation, Xidian International has tried to fully cooperate with many local general contractors through multiple The project's close cooperation, in 2014-2018, successively won the bid EGATAY4 230 kV GIS project, EGAT AP 230 kV GIS project, EGAT CTC 230 kV GIS complete project, the cumulative contract amount is about 18.5 million US dollars.

After nearly ten years of accumulation and continuous improvement and improvement, Xidian 230 kV GIS products have been recognized by EGAT. It is the only Chinese GIS manufacturer that has entered the EGAT market and has a certain market share and entered a steady growth stage. Thailand has become an important market for Xidian GIS in Southeast Asia. Subsequently, Xidian International will continue to promote the market of 500 kV GIS and 115 kV GIS products.