Some experts said that China's energy storage industry is from demonstration to commercialization of the development of the transition, although the technical maturity of the increase, the system cos

Just as money can be accessed at the bank, electricity can be recharged or discharged at any time, turning it into a controllable source of energy. The industry is known as the ' Power Bank ' of the emerging industry-the energy storage industry is booming.

July 8-9th, in Nanjing, the 2018 second national user side reserve market development and application high-level seminar, nearly thousands of entrepreneurs, researchers and the industry to share experience, discuss industry in the future.

The rise of energy storage industry Jiangsu leads the country The so-called storage energy, the most common is chemical energy storage, through the battery charge and discharge operation, play to DSM, improve the power quality, as a standby power supply, adjust frequency to participate in smart grid construction and so on.

In the opinion of many experts and insiders, storage energy will be the ' just need ' of the Power Revolution in the future, and become an important support for the reform and structural adjustment of China's electric energy. Yong, Secretary general of Energy Storage application branch of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry association, October 11 last year, the national Five ministries issued a joint "on the promotion of energy storage industry and technology development guidance", to encourage provincial governments in accordance with the introduction of the smart grid, micro-grid, many complementary, ' Internet + ' intelligent Energy,

Electric vehicle charging facilities, waste power battery recycling, distribution network construction, power spot market and other related policies to support energy storage. China has become an important energy storage country. Ranjian, deputy director of the marketing department of the International Business Department of the Electric Power Planning and Design Institute, described the total global storage capacity of 183 gigawatts by June 2017, of which 96% were distributed in China, Japan and the United States.

By the end of 2017, China's investment and energy storage projects accumulated capacity of 28.9 gigawatts, annual growth rate of 18.9%, installed capacity of 389.8 MW, annual growth rate reached 45%. As a large power consumption province, Jiangsu's energy storage construction is also leading the country, has attracted southern power, Colu, and many other provincial and foreign energy storage enterprises have layout.

State network Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd. Marketing department, deputy director of intelligent Electricity Xuqingqiang introduced, since the second half of 2016, the province has built a user-side energy storage power Station 39, the total power of 42 MW, a total capacity of 283 MW, currently under construction of 39 energy storage plants, power 97 MW, capacity of 744

Multi-scene application to show energy storage charm

According to the introduction, storage energy can be subdivided into user side storage energy, power grid side energy storage, power supply side storage and so on, the three have their own focus, the user side energy storage device can promote the power grid DSM, ensure the safety of large power grids, but also effectively improve the user side of distributed energy access and disaster response capabilities to ensure power supply reliability. July 28 last year, Wuxi Hi-tech star Chau Intelligent distribution network storage power plant, which is the country's largest commercial operation of energy storage power plant, the total power of 20 MW, total capacity of 160 MW. Related people, the power plant 1 hours can discharge 20,000-kilowatt, a day of continuous discharge 8 hours, to the power grid to provide 160,000-kilowatt power.

Experts calculate, this project can reduce 40,000 peak Valley difference, equivalent to shut down 1 units of 20 MW thermal power units, can reduce the investment in the construction of the plant 340 million yuan. June 21, the grid operation of Zhenjiang Danyang building energy storage power Station, Zhenjiang is the first to build a power grid side energy storage project, including 8 energy storage power plants, total capacity of 202,000 kwh.

Jiangsu Electric Power Company related people said that the power grid side storage can mainly serve the safe and reliable operation of large power grids, the rational allocation of new energy and completely eliminate, promote Zhenjiang area power grid DSM, effectively alleviate the power supply pressure of Zhenjiang Eastern power grid. Zhejiang Super Power Co., Ltd. to produce Super capacitor is known, through the storage energy and wind power, photovoltaic combination, can effectively prevent the abandonment of the wind abandoned the light.

General Manager Shen Shao For example, they for Shandong a medical enterprise construction total Power 100-kilowatt, the total capacity 500-kilowatt when the new energy grid-connected, will be photovoltaic surplus electricity or limited electricity storage, in the light or power shortage condition discharge, realize the energy efficient use. ' In the case of a rigorous screening of car battery packs, including bubbles in the water for a few hours without leakage, these batteries can be used in DSM, home storage, standby power, and other scenarios. ' Guangzhou Zhi Guang Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. in addition to do high-power high-capacity energy storage power plant, but also through echelon use of retired batteries to build energy storage projects.

Deputy general manager King Jinjian said, retired batteries have a certain capacity to store electricity, in some cases can play ' waste heat '.

In the future, with energy block chain, the internet of things, not only can record the production and use of each power source, each person can also carry out energy free trade.

Break through the constraints and seek a better tomorrow ' Energy storage systems, related batteries, etc. lack of national standards is the biggest problem. Xiamen Hengsheng Co., Ltd. was troubled by its work.

In fact, the storage energy as a new type of business, encountered a variety of constraints. A number of people in the industry said that the peak and valley electricity spreads on energy storage investment, but also affect investment enthusiasm.

Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other fields due to peak and valley electricity price difference of more than 0.70 yuan/degree of electricity, project investment in general 6-8 years can be recycled. ' The flexibility of user side electricity price in our country is not enough with the change of supply and demand, it is still in the government pricing stage. ' Yong proposed to fully expand the implementation of peak-valley electricity price of users, and further improve the user side peak Valley price pricing mechanism of the market.

By raising the peak electricity price or setting up the grading peak electricity price, reducing the low trough electricity price and so on, guiding the large consumers to adopt the energy storage equipment, the residents actively adjust the period of electricity consumption, reduce the peak load and increase the trough load, thus saving the power system investment, increasing the power system load rate and