The Cuban Ministry of Agriculture research team came to the fore, test drive | 'Oriental Red' | After that, he said

Recently, the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture research team and his party, in the Cuban Minister of Agriculture Gustav, Cuban Ambassador to China Miguel led a delegation to China for research and investigation. China Yituo leader Zhao Yushui, Wang Kejun received Gustav and his party .


Research group research

Gustav and his party successively investigated and inspected the Dongfanghong Farming Museum, the Datuo Assembly Plant, the Zhongshou Company and the Pilot Base. The Standing Committee of China Yituo Party Committee and the Deputy General Manager of Yituo Co., Ltd. Wang Kejun accompanied the investigation. At the Dongfanghong Farming Museum, Wang Kejun briefed Gustav and his party on China's agricultural modernization process and China's development history. Gustav and Wang Kejun exchanged ideas on further strengthening cooperation between the two sides. Gustav asked in detail about the production of China's one-touch products, quality control and climate adaptability to Cuba.

In the big wheel towed the yard, Gustav and his party watched the live demonstration of the oriental red wheel tow, pickup and other products. Gustav, Miguel also boarded the Dongfanghong LF2204 power shift tractor test drive, Geer said: 'This tractor is very comfortable to drive. After retirement, I have to buy a YTO tractor to drive.'

Visit the production line

Test drive

During the investigation, Zhao Yishui, chairman of China Yituo, had a discussion with Gustav and his party. Gustav said that through two days of research and investigation, they had a deeper understanding of China’s strength. Cuba attaches great importance to it. In the long-term cooperation with China, we hope that the cooperation between the two sides will have deeper and better development. Zhao Yushui welcomed Gustav and his party and exchanged views on the cooperation projects between the two parties. I hope that the two sides will deepen each other through this exchange. Understand, further promote cooperation.

Subsequently, the two sides exchanged important topics such as training of technicians and construction of after-sales guarantee system.