The 2018 Cross-Strait Robotic Intelligent Automation Industry Development Forum was held in Shanghai

On July 5th, the '2018 Cross-Strait Robotics and Smart Automation Industry Development Forum' jointly sponsored by the China Robot Industry Alliance and the Taiwan Smart Automation and Robot Association (TAIROA) was successfully held in Shanghai. This is the fifth session of the two sides jointly organized by the two sides. Robot Intelligent Automation Industry Development Forum, more than 80 representatives from corporate executives, experts and scholars from the cross-strait robotics and automation industry were invited to attend the forum.

The theme of this year's forum is 'Intelligent Robot Technology and Application'. At the meeting, representatives from the two sides of the Taiwan Strait: Mr. Hao Yucheng, Secretary General of China Robot Industry Alliance, and Chairman Huang Hanbang of Taiwan Wisdom Automation and Robotics Association. Li Xiaojia, leader of the Alliance Statistics Working Group, published a report entitled 'Status and Prospects of Industrial Robots in the Mainland'. Combining the statistics of industrial robots in 2017, this paper analyzes the international market in 2017, the development status of the mainland market, and introduces the development of the robot industry. Planning (2016-2020) ', made a vision and forecast for the development of the mainland robot industry; Vice Chairman Lin Bofeng of Taiwan Smart Automation and Robotics Association delivered a speech on "Taiwan Service Robot Development", the development status of Taiwan's service robot industry, technology It elaborated on the application and analyzed the future development trend of Taiwan's service robot industry. Secretary General Hao Yucheng of China Robot Industry Alliance took the title of 'Intellectual Robot Standard Test and Certification Innovation Path', focusing on the development of mainland intelligent robot technology. Status and face The challenge was systematically introduced, and combined with the theme of this forum, we thought about how to develop and innovate intelligent robots in standard testing and certification, and shared innovative ideas and innovation paths. Subsequently, the research of mechanical and electromechanical systems by Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute Director Hu Zhusheng gave a detailed introduction to the Taiwan Robot Standard Testing and Certification. The final speaker of the special speech was Wang Aiguo, Vice President of Shanghai Electric Apparatus Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., who shared the mainland with the participants. Introduction and planning of robot CR certification system construction.

This year's forum also released two cross-strait common standards for the first time. Secretary General Hao Yucheng of China Robot Industry Alliance released the 'General Technical Requirements for Industrial Robot Systems with Vision', and Vice Chairman Lin Bofeng of Taiwan Smart Automation and Robotics Association released 'Robot Polishing and Polishing General technical requirements of the system'. Shows that the cross-strait robot standard cooperation has achieved positive results.

In the following symposium, experts and scholars from cross-strait robotics companies, research institutes and standards testing institutions: Yao Zhenzhi, deputy director of the Computer and Microelectronics Development Research Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Sun Ying, Managing Director of Zhejiang Yuda Technology Co., Ltd. , Director Li Benwang of Chongqing Dexin Robot Testing Center Co., Ltd., Director of the Institute of Mechanical and Mechanical Systems of Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Mr. Hu Zhusheng, General Manager of the Precision Machinery Research and Development Center of the Foundation, and General Manager of Taiwan Smart Automation and Robotics Association Long together on the development and cooperation of 'cross-strait robot standard testing and certification', the two sides unanimously agreed to build cross-strait common standards as a premise, further strengthen cross-strait cooperation in standards testing and certification, etc. The common development of the cross-strait robot industry.

The industry representatives who are concerned about the development of the cross-strait robot industry, experts and scholars once again gathered in Shanghai, gathered together to discuss the development of cross-strait robot cooperation, strengthened communication and communication, and the forum was a complete success.

International Cooperation Group

July 9, 2018