Is your child sacred today? You can get the excellent KW-triO sacred earth cutting machine

Every boy has a dream about the unreal world, heroes, transformers, cars, etc., can be the 'protagonist' of the dream, if there is a stationery, can satisfy all his dreams about this dream. Fantasy, would you give it to your child? You can get a new product, KW-triO, a smashing machine, this kind of pencil sharpener, which has already blown a sultry trend in the kids world. So, where is his hot spot?

The design idea of ​​the spirit of the earth-moving machine

The children's world is shared. In school, I like to use my own things with good friends and play together. They are small explorers, explore the unknown in the colorful world, discover new things. Get good and lively. The little boy who is moving is thinking about design, using different looks, emphasizing the boys’ curiosity about the world. Considering the color acuity of the boys and the spirit of seeking new and changing, they launched a variety of contrast series, so that you can get the best soil. The machine is used to play and learn with you.

The product function of the sacred earth machine

If you want the little boy to sit in the position, it is necessary to have skills and routines. Pick a pencil-cutting machine with a clay machine. The soft and cute posture can be put on the hand and have the function of sharpening the pencil. This type of earth-cutting machine is simple and efficient. The hob is made of high-quality alloy steel. It is evenly cut and can be used for a long time. It can cut round rods, triangle rods, hexagonal rods and other polygonal pens. The core is sharp. The appearance is ABS panel. Rugged and durable. The knife holder is detachable and easy to clean. The bottom pad is non-slip design and safe to use.

The steps of using the spirit of the earth-moving machine

Dad is a model for boys. One big and one small loves to play with cars. Children can't drive large tool carts in real life. Dad can accompany children at home, use the carpet as a runway, watch the sofa as a mountain, and layer the small toys. Stack it up and see who the father and son are piled up.
This stacker is not only fun to play, it is also very convenient to use. First pull the front cover a distance, press the front button, insert the pencil to fix, then rotate the handle clockwise, until idling The pen has been cut; Finally, press the button to take out the sharpened pencil. Also, don't forget to take out the pencil case and clean the pencil shavings in time to keep it clean and neat.

Turning the icy tool into a stationery that makes people feel good is the thing that KW-triO has been doing. The child’s childhood is worthy of our maintenance. The children’s fantasy of the fairy tale world is worthwhile. We are going to create for them. Children's interest is the child's good memories of childhood when they grow up. This innocence, you can get KW-triO to protect with parents!

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