Big screen refrigerator know what you think | Yunmi Internet refrigerator 21Face gives you what you want

On July 11, a well-known Internet company, Yunmi Whole House Internet Appliances, held a large-scale media conference at the Poly Intercontinental Hotel in Pazhou. At the meeting, Yunmi launched an Internet refrigerator called '21Face', which is equipped with The 21-inch huge touch screen is a subversive innovation, and has won numerous accolades from insiders and outsiders.

Understand what you want, 21Face Internet refrigerator into a 'family control'

Despite the hot concept of home appliance Internetization, 21Face Internet refrigerator is also a star product. Many consumers are attracted by many onlookers for their new functional configuration and stylish appearance. Online social media platform, the topic of 21Face Internet refrigerator is always on the go.

21Face Internet refrigerator is the biggest highlight, it is equipped with a 21-inch full HD IPS touch screen, and equipped with the latest VioBrain artificial intelligence system. It not only has AI voice interaction, audio and video entertainment, shopping and other functions, but also the whole house Internet appliances Control Center, users can control other home appliances through 21Face linkage, which is a veritable 'home control'.

This 'home control' know what you want, what you want to. When you feel a bit dull in the kitchen cooking when listening to music, watching TV, you want entertainment can be 'handy' in the refrigerator system. More in particular, as long as a simple voice interaction, 21Face performing all operations. even if your hands busy to prepare meals, only 'word', no longer need to perform complex operations, other Internet appliances were all told to listen to you.

For busy office workers, this '21Face' Internet refrigerator can also meet the needs of their busy working life. Users only need to connect to the cloud meter Internet refrigerator through mobile APP, you can always know the refrigerator and food storage of the refrigerator in your home. No longer have to worry about going home, 'There is no food to eat.' If you need to go out for a long time, you can also turn on the 'holiday mode' with one button. The refrigerator will automatically enter the state of energy saving and fresh, avoiding the worry of the deterioration of the ingredients. , you can enjoy fresh and delicious when you go home.

In addition, the Internet refrigerator 21Face is still a 'shopping center'. Whether it is Shandong apple, Xinjiang cantaloupe, Thai rice, Australian lobster, American cherries, French red wine, you can all in 21Face refrigerator system Inside the shopping center to find the global good things in your heart, you can enjoy the door-to-door delivery service with one-click order. Your life has become more convenient and comfortable.

It is reported that there are four models of 21Face Internet refrigerators that understand 'you know', including the high-end cross four-door 521L model (12,999 yuan), the cross four-door 446L (8,999 yuan), French refrigerator (6,999 yuan), the door Refrigerator (5999 yuan). Compared with the same level of products, 21Face Internet refrigerator has a very high cost performance, it is no wonder that it can detonate the market reputation.

Subverting the tradition, 21Face Internet refrigerators do the 'smart kitchen' practitioners

It is understood that as early as 2015, the Internet refrigerator prototype began to appear in the market, but consumer acceptance is very low. Most enterprises and consumers still stay in the concept of 'fridge is just ordinary appliances in the kitchen'.

In recent years, with the further development of Internet+ and the popularization of the concept of 'smart life', consumers have changed their habits and methods of daily household appliances such as refrigerators. People not only need 'large capacity' that can meet the basic needs of their lives. ' 'Door' refrigerator, but also look forward to having 'understand them' products.

As a result, more and more consumers are gradually accepting Internet refrigerators. The penetration rate of Internet refrigerators in the market is also getting higher and higher. In just five years, Internet refrigerators have occupied about 20% of the refrigerator market, which is a rapid development.

From the beginning of its establishment, Yunmi's whole house Internet appliances have been built with the mission of 'consumers to build intelligent life', seized this development opportunity, and responded to the trend of consumption. Black technology in one internet refrigerator 21Face.

And this refrigerator coincides with the function of the 'future refrigerator' designed by British scientists many years ago:

It will remind the owner to eat as soon as possible according to the storage time of the ingredients; the intelligent recipe can also help the user to make delicious food; the user can also place a single order at the shopping center, and the fresh ingredients can be delivered to the door, and the food can be enjoyed without leaving the house.

Today, when the Internet is developed, the monotonous function of traditional home appliances has clearly deviated from the needs of the times. Internet appliances based on IOT and AI technology can improve people's living efficiency and bring different life experiences to users. Trends, or humanization function creation, 21Face is undoubtedly at the forefront of the era. Yunmi Internet refrigerator 21Face this strategic product release, redefine the core value of the refrigerator, with epoch-making subversive significance.

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