HTC will release new machine Exodus in the third quarter: a mobile phone capable of experiencing blockchain

Last month, HTC implemented massive layoffs due to poor business, hoping to reverse profits and losses by reducing costs. Recently, they announced that they will release a blockchain mobile phone Exodus in the third quarter.

Encrypted virtual currency such as Bitcoin showed a high popularity last year, and its core technology 'blockchain' is also very hot. The old mobile phone manufacturer HTC is also looking at this opportunity, announced that it will be beta in the third quarter of this year. Blockchain mobile phone.

HTC Chief Blockchain Officer Chen Xinsheng said that HTC intends to build a common blockchain asset market through Exodus. Developers are welcome to distribute their blockchain games, collect content and NFT content through the HTC platform.

HTC's blockchain strategy has only recently begun to be laid out. Not long ago, HTC announced cooperation with the world's first blockchain game "Mystery Love Cat". In the future, you can play this game on some mobile phones including HTC U12+. .

In terms of blockchain applications, HTC believes that the blockchain mobile phone Exodus will contribute to privacy protection, through distributed security applications and secure encryption hardware in the blockchain, designed to allow users to protect privacy more effectively. Protecting this piece has always been ignored by manufacturers, but the products that emphasize this aspect of functionality are really not too much.

From the description of HTC's blockchain mobile phone, HTC Exodus has not yet made a breakthrough. But I believe that over time, HTC will put more energy into the blockchain, and then HTC will rely on the block. It is not impossible to completely turn the chain strategy.