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The wide application of digital technology in the cultural field can be traced back to the 1990s. The digitalization of museums and the imaging process have gone through more than 20 spring and autumn. Through the continuous innovation of professional large-screen display devices and programs, the cultural relics and culture Live! ' Recently, we visited the Shanghai History Museum, where more than 20 Sony laser projectors, including the HD model VPL-F635HZ and the 4K model VPL-GTZ270, will reproduce the gorgeous times of Shanghai. Below, let us Walk through history and witness the millennium change!

Revitalize the building, reproduce history

Shanghai History Museum is located in the prosperous People's Square. The building is divided into two floors and an open courtyard. The exhibition hall covers an area of ​​9,800 square meters. The east building has a total of four floors. It consists of a preface hall, ancient Shanghai, modern Shanghai, and the tail hall. Through more than 1,000 pieces of cultural relics, combing out the history of Shanghai for 6,000 years.

In order to better reproduce history, Shanghai History Museum chose Sony Engineering Projector Partner - Shanghai Liancheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to create a number of beautiful and powerful solutions. Sony laser engineering projectors stand out and gain user recognition. Thanks to its advantages of being able to install and stabilize at any angle, many projects require projectors to be installed in a non-horizontal manner such as side, vertical, tilt, etc. Sony Laser Engineering has professional quality and built-in sensors. Stable operation; support a wide range of lens displacement, and a wide selection of lenses to meet the design needs.

Sony VPL-F635HZ projector is widely used in various exhibition halls of Shanghai History Museum, with 6000 lumens brightness and WUXGA resolution, plus pixel-level image optimization brought by 'real creation' function to achieve accurate color and fine image quality. The light source and professional quality are trustworthy, with professional lenses such as VPLL-3003, VPLL-3007, VPLL-3009, etc., to create an exciting exhibition, let us understand.

Ancient Huazhang, backtracking origin

Stepping into the Shanghai History Museum, we first watched the short film 'Shanghai Brief History' in the preface hall and experienced the multimedia interactive wall. Next, we came to the 'Ancient Shanghai' exhibition area to learn about the human activities in the ancient Shanghai area. , town prosperity, cultural prosperity and civilized achievements.

In the center of the first exhibition hall, it is the exhibition of 'Gang body change'. The projection map creates a three-dimensional map sand table, which introduces the special landform form of ancient Shanghai - Gang body, explaining the changes of Shanghai land.

The 'Gang body change' exhibition attracted many audiences

VPL-F635HZ with vertical projection projection with VPLL-3009 short-focus lens with a projection ratio of 0.85-1.0:1

Projection creates a detailed three-dimensional map sand table

Since ancient times, Shanghai has achieved a number of important 'firsts', such as China's earliest wells, hooks, ivory scepters, etc. Among them, Shanghai has the earliest porcelain in China from 3900-3200 years ago, in a unique In the interactive projection exhibition, the audience can draw beautiful patterns for the porcelain!

Many viewers are eager to try before the show, especially for children to have fun.

The shaped projection of the porcelain is full of three-dimensional, with a variety of patterns and color details

A porcelain is created by two VPL-F635HZ projections

Children carefully observe and choose patterns and colors

Continue to move forward, came to the 'Shanghai's name' exhibition, on the screen-like projection screen, through a light and quiet short film, telling the origin and development of the 'Shanghai' name.

Bright environment requires high projector quality

Three VPL-F635HZs with VPLL-3009 short-focus lens, side vertical installation to create a bright and beautiful picture

More than 400 years ago, the Italian Renaissance scholar Ricci came to Shanghai to play the prelude to the exchange of science and culture between China and the West. The historical albums of the "Kun Yu Wan Quan Quan Tu" in the Ming Dynasty jumped on the screen, and the audience watched the dynamic big picture. , to understand the history of Shanghai Binhai. With a reflective ultra-short-focus lens VPLL-3003 with a projection ratio of 0.33:1, the projector can realize hidden installation, greatly expanding the way the exhibits are implemented.

Widescreen, large screen, attractive

Two VPL-F635HZ equipped with a reflective ultra-short-focus lens VPLL-3003 with a throw ratio of 0.33 :1

High-quality images are vivid

Intercourse between China and the West, modern times

Say goodbye to 'Ancient Shanghai', we came to the 'Modern Shanghai' exhibition area, which takes the history of the city as the context and focuses on the revolutionary history, fully reflecting the political, economic, cultural and social life aspects of modern Shanghai.

The first is the process of opening up Shanghai. A large projection sand table is located in the middle of the exhibition hall. The audience can learn more about the important events of the development of the Shanghai concession and introduce the reasons for the formation of the country of the country.

The electronic sandbox explains the history clearly and intuitively, and the children are interested in it.

Two VPL-F635HZ equipped with VPLL-3007 short-focus lens with a projection ratio of 0.65:1 for vertical projection sand table map

Modern Shanghai is the economic, commercial, and cultural center of China and the world. The Far East will declare that it will be well-known. The exhibition hall contains many historical relics in the manufacturing, commercial, and cultural fields. Through the excellent image quality of Sony laser engineering projectors, the images will be imaged. The materials are combined with the physical exhibits to reproduce the history for the audience. Let's take a look at them.

Two VPL-F635HZs combined with VPLL-3007 short-focus lens to create light and shadow effects, let the 1895-made clearing machine reproduce the past work scene

A VPL-F635HZ mounts a VPLL-3007 short-focus lens, a precious video material from a projection spinning factory

Shanghai commercial prosperity, old-fashioned prosperity, a VPL-F635HZ application VPLL-3007 short-focus lens projection well-known merchants historical materials

A VPL-F635HZ installs VPLL-3003 ultra-short-focus lens and glass rear projection screen, introducing cultural and ideological works

Among the many stills, a VPL-F635HZ installed VPLL-3007 projection movie clips, reviewing the history of Shanghai movies that have been star-studded

Glorious history, looking to the future

Unconsciously, we have come to the tail hall - "Unforgettable Moment" exhibition, 4 Sony VPL-GTZ270 equipped with a short-focus lens VPLL-Z7008 with a projection ratio of 0.80-1.02:1, creating a wide-format image, reviewed from 1949 In the more than 70 wonderful moments of social progress, economic development, and people's happy life since Shanghai's liberation, we feel the brilliant achievements in Shanghai and are full of enthusiasm for the future development blueprint! The 4K resolution picture displayed by the projector is full of color and detail. It is enriched and enriched, and the big picture makes the viewers immersed in it.

The VPL-GTZ270 uses a laser source with 4K SXRD panel technology to achieve clear, true 4096×2160 resolution, more than four times higher than HD; further enhance image quality with true creation and HDR (high dynamic range) advantages, gamut range BT.2020 standard, the picture is exquisite and sharp, the color is vivid and vivid, the appeal is extraordinary! Together with the wide range of lens displacement, it can be used for various high-end applications.

Four VPL-GTZ270s create amazingly dramatic images

Sony VPL-GTZ270 four projection projections to achieve a stunning visual effect

Looking back, looking to the future

Throughout the Shanghai Museum of History, we feel the large screen created by professional projection, and the high immersion scheme is an important way to realize the 'live' of the collection. The innovative projection technology and products can realize virtual reality, 3D panorama, AR and other programs. Bring more immersive interactive experiences, bring the distance between history and audience, and show the style of museums and collections in all directions.

We look forward to Sony's rich and powerful projectors and professional display solutions, which can create more exciting examples for cultural fields such as museums!

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