Refrigerator screen to catch up with TV | Yunmi released 21-inch screen Internet refrigerator

On July 11, the Internet home appliance company Yunmi Technology held a press conference in Guangzhou to launch the heavy-duty Internet refrigerator 21Face. This series of smart refrigerators is equipped with a 21-inch huge touch screen, running a smart operating system, integrating entertainment, shopping and home appliance control. Wait for multiple functions in one, starting at 5999 yuan.

21-inch touch: The biggest highlight of the Yunmi 21Face Internet refrigerator is that it has a 21-inch touch screen on the refrigerator door, which is up to the level of the bedroom TV (22 inches). This large size gives the user a touch operation. Brought quite a lot of space. According to Yunmi Technology, this is their judgment on the intelligent trend of refrigerators. The previous 'small screen' can only display the time temperature. Now the big screen can integrate entertainment, shopping and home appliance control. Multi-function in one, the big screen intelligence is the future development trend of the refrigerator.

Yunmi 21Face refrigerator has built-in four microphones, AI camera, Yunmi second generation speaker, can clearly receive sound, play music, and control voice. Refrigerator refrigeration function, Yunmi 21Face has air-cooled frost-free refrigeration, 180-degree inverter Power saving, 360 degree environmental protection and other advantages, with a variety of specifications such as open doors, cross doors, multiple doors.

Refrigerator Management and Kitchen Entertainment: Yunmi 21Face runs VioBrain artificial intelligence system based on Android, which supports voice interaction. Users can adjust the temperature of the refrigerator, manage the ingredients, and remind them when they expire. There are also weather temperature, time and other information on the screen. , message board, photo album screen saver and other functions, convenient daily life. The recipe function has graphics, video recipes, users can learn while doing; timer, users better control the cooking heat; and video, music, FM, etc. Entertainment function, let users not boring in the kitchen, can play while listening to music while cooking. Built-in mall, you can buy fresh food, one-click orders. At the press conference, Yunmi CEO Chen Xiaoping called the refrigerator with a single order The takeaway, which was sent to the venue shortly after, was quite surprising.

Home appliance interconnection: Yunmi 21Face refrigerator can be used as the management center of its whole house intelligent home appliances. Users can directly control other connected cloud meters smart products through large screens. For example, check the status of water purifier, control the water temperature, and check the loss of filter elements. Wait, or open the range hood, the water heater, and even the phone connected to the Bluetooth; after connecting with the camera, you can also see the indoor monitoring clearly. In short, 21Face Internet refrigerator is not an Internet appliance item, and It is a whole set of whole house interconnections. At the press conference, Yunmi showed this complete experience.

The Yunmi 21Face released this time has four models, including the high-end cross four-door 521L model price (12999 yuan), the cross four-door 446L (8999 yuan), French refrigerator (6999 yuan), the door refrigerator (5999 yuan) ), the day was released in major online shopping malls.

Edit comment Previously, the smart center of the family has always been played by smart TV. There have also been smart routers, smart speakers and other products to snatch the entrance of the home Internet. However, it is basically just a gust of industry, can not shake the status of smart TV? The launch of this Internet refrigerator allows us to see its ambition to compete for the status of the home Internet smart center, but slightly different, focusing on the kitchen, which allows us to see the possibility of partial success.

In terms of price, the price of similar 21-inch large-screen refrigerators of other brands is basically in the range of 25,000~30000 yuan. The price of Yunfei Internet refrigerator 21Face kills the price of 5999 yuan, almost the same as traditional non-smart refrigerators. It is lethal, as a part of the millet ecology, Yunmi refrigerator or will get good sales results.