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The fiery World Cup, the hot summer, with the arrival of July, the World Cup is also heating up, the enthusiasm of the fans watching the game is rising, this summer you need more than just TV, you need a refrigerator, air conditioning, feel At the same time of football enthusiasm, you can enjoy the four-year World Cup in a cool, comfortable environment. Gome opens the July Quartet, covering the daily activities of home appliances, large appliances, and department stores, from different times, from time to time. The scene meets the needs of consumers, allowing consumers to enjoy the summer shopping spree.

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In July, Gome took the lead in opening the Super National Goods Festival. The major brands in the United Nations were greatly promoted. Among them, the air-conditioner category was up to 1,000 yuan, and Gree, Haier, Midea, TCL and other famous domestic brands will participate in the domestic product. Festival activities, to ensure that you can cool and cool at home, feel the charm of football in all aspects.

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Gome Football, the theme of sports throughout July, in response to the huge demand for electricity (color TV, air conditioning, ice washing), snacks, drinks, etc. after the arrival of the World Cup, Gome launched a carnival event, the event China Beauty TV The air conditioner has a maximum straight drop of 800 yuan, snacks, drinks and other goods, 3 pieces and 50% off, and a large wave of cash coupons for consumers to receive.

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New consumption, new ways to enhance consumer experience with shared retail

In addition to home appliances, Gome's retail tentacles have reached many areas such as home, home improvement, home service, etc. Through the shared retail model of 'social + business + profit sharing', consumers can enjoy shopping at any time and space. In the shared retail mode, based on the Gome APP, Gome products are launched. Through the US store, Gome has formed a retail model that everyone can participate in. The store owner can share the rebate function through the platform and set the rebate amount. Encourage users to quickly promote their products through sharing, and form a community of potential energy to gain new points of profit growth.

This promotion month, Gome will also launch a 'single-single' new game, consumers, through the form of social sharing, consumers can complete the group by sharing product links within a certain period of time, Buy goods at a price lower than the normal price.

In addition, Gome has also launched a new commitment to shopping services, trade-in, 'buy expensive, late to pay, not satisfied with retreat' cross service commitment, delivery and integration, through the entire process of shopping, truly shopping worry-free, guaranteed consumption Buying the rest assured, using the peace of mind, in this hot summer, enjoy a cool, comfortable and beautiful life.

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