Subvert the fresh pattern! Yunmi launched the Internet refrigerator 21Face

On July 11th, Yunmi Inter-era 21Face conference was held in Guangzhou Poly Intercontinental Hotel, and launched the Internet Fridge 21Face. Many media and professional audiences from across the country participated in the conference. The big screen frost subverted the traditional fresh pattern and opened the whole The new era of housing interconnection.

Yunmi Internet Refrigerator 21Face is equipped with a smart refrigerator operating system based on Android customization. It is equipped with a 21-inch 1080P full HD IPS touch screen and equipped with an infrared sensor to realize the human body sensing of the screen. The large screen carries three functions of control center, entertainment center and shopping center. Such as controlling home appliances, watching videos, cooking recipes, purchasing ingredients, ordering and selling, etc. can be realized through the large screen of the refrigerator, and even connected to the bedroom camera, real-time monitoring through the large screen. 21-inch large screen is the entire smart refrigerator operation The important carrier of the system, and the core hardware foundation for the implementation of other smart home appliances.

Yunmi will be the world's leading IOT IoT technology and home appliance integration solution. The new refrigerator will connect with water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, gas stoves, etc. through 21-inch large screens, and issue instructions to realize the interconnection of home appliances.

In addition to the advantages of large screen, Yunmi Internet Refrigerator 21Face enhances voice recognition through front 4 microphone array design and side single microphone, and front stereo dual speakers and side single speakers enhance audiovisual sound and provide better interaction for users. Experience; as a traditional refrigerator function 21Face also uses the industry's Top configuration, all air-cooled and frost-free, and with herbal sterilization deodorant filter, to ensure that food preservation and no smell.

At present, for the new product of Yunmi Internet Refrigerator 21Face, Yunmi officially launched four versions, which are divided into high-end cross four-door 521L, cross four-door 446L, French four-door 462L and opposite door 450L, the lowest price is drawn to 6000 yuan. Bit, very cost-effective.

Chen Xiaoping, the founder and CEO of Yunmi Whole House Internet Appliances, said: 'The whole house Internet appliances combined with the Internet, AI artificial intelligence, IOT smart interconnection, IT user interaction, etc., to achieve cross-border innovation and subversive innovation of products, let the electrical appliances have ideas, It will judge that it is smarter; the interconnected product matrix allows consumers to have a complete intelligent scene experience, and introduces more algorithms, applications and experiences through interaction between scenes, allowing smart appliances to self-learn and iterate, thus being more than consumers. Understand consumers. ' Yunmi Internet Refrigerator 21Face is a product designed based on this concept.

Chen Mi, the founder and CEO of Yunmi Whole House Internet Appliances

At the press conference, Mr. Chen also demonstrated some functions of the Yunmi Internet Refrigerator 21Face, and ordered a takeaway through the refrigerator. The arrival of the takeaway brother allowed the audience to stand up.

Finally, through a group of new live shots of 'Spy Shots', experience the charm of the Yunmi Internet Refrigerator 21Face: