Samsung Exynos 9820 architecture exposure: large, medium and small eight core, three cluster design

Samsung flagship usually uses two versions of Qualcomm chips and its own Orion chip. Recently, Samsung has confirmed that it will release the next-generation big-screen flagship Galaxy Note on August 9. However, the design and hardware configuration of the machine are not very different. Big, its processor should continue to use the Samsung Galaxy S9 chip combination. And to see the next generation of Exynos, basically have to be next year's Galaxy S10.

Today, long-term attention to Samsung, the exposure of the basic reliable microblogging users @i ice universe for the first time disclosed Samsung's next generation processor, named 'Exynos 9820', although the number is similar, but the change is still quite large.

It is reported that the Samsung Exynos 9820 will adopt a three-cluster design consisting of two large cores, two medium cores and four small cores. They are combined by ARM DynamIQ architecture, two of which are designed by Samsung. The fourth-generation architecture 'M4', the two cores are ARM A75 (the latter A76), and the four small cores are ARM A55.

In contrast, the Exynos 9810 is equipped with four M3 cores and four A55 cores. However, the specific frequency of each core of the Exynos 9820 has not yet been determined, and it is obviously still under debugging. There are no news in other parts such as the GPU. I don't know if it will. On the latest Mali-G76.

In fact, Samsung has independently developed GPUs for many years, but there has been no breakthrough. Recently, there have been reports that progress has been made, but it will only be used for entry-level Exynos.