Internet of home appliances, let Yunmi 21Face large-screen refrigerator take you to the Internet era

The domestic well-known Internet company Yunmi Whole House Internet Appliances held a media conference on the 11th of this month. The product of this conference is the company's main large-screen Internet refrigerator Yunmi 21Face; this product was launched in Shanghai AWE. It will be highly praised by many media in the industry. At the press conference on the 11th, it also gained a very high degree of attention.

Pure Internet genes, pioneers in the Internet of home appliances

At the construction fair that came to a close not long ago, when the staff introduced this Yunmi Internet 21Face refrigerator, many onlookers were attracted by its new functional configuration and stylish appearance. With the explanation of the staff The atmosphere at the exhibition is even more enthusiastic. Whether on the Internet or offline exhibitions, the 21Face Internet refrigerator is also a star product in the current hot concept of home appliances.

The biggest intuitive difference from the traditional refrigerator is that the Yunmi 21Face Internet refrigerator is equipped with a 21.5-inch full HD IPS touch screen. The touch screen carries an Internet refrigerator operating system based on the Android operating system, which can realize the temperature adjustment of the refrigerator itself, and the management of the ingredients. And smart recipes and other functions. Users can more intuitively understand the use of the refrigerator and food storage through the intelligent system. In addition, the system also provides users with life-saving functions. It comes with date, weather query, timer and message Board and other 'intimate' small functions save users a variety of life problems.

What is especially special is that 21Face Internet Refrigerator 'born' with 'Internet Gene'. It runs loaded

VioBrain artificial intelligence system not only has AI voice interaction, audio and video entertainment, shopping and other functions, but also is the whole house intelligent interconnection interactive portal, allowing users to control other home appliances through 21Face Internet refrigerator linkage, which is a veritable 'home control'.

When cooking in the kitchen, users can listen to music and watch TV with 21Face, which is a great use for housewives. It is worth noting that watching movies, listening to songs, answering calls, etc. for Yunmi 21-inch large screen In the refrigerator and refrigerator, it is just a 'one word thing'. With simple voice interaction, users can achieve intelligent operation. At the same time, users can also directly control other cloud meters Internet home appliances on the Internet home interface of the refrigerator, without Then carry on complex operations.

If you need to buy ingredients, users can also directly visit 21Face's shopping center. Global good things can enjoy door-to-door delivery service with one-click order, making life more convenient and faster.

It is understood that the Yunmi 21Face Internet refrigerator released this time is divided into four models, including the high-end cross four-door 521L model price (12999 yuan), the cross four-door 446L (8999 yuan), French refrigerator (6999 yuan), On the door refrigerator (5999 yuan). Overall in the same level of products have a very high cost performance, it can also be seen that Yunmi company wants to use this product to detonate sales.

Subverting the traditional refrigerator format, 21Face Internet refrigerator opens the Internet era

It is understood that Internet refrigerators have been born in recent years along with the development and popularization of the Internet. In 2015, the concept of Internet refrigerators was first introduced in the market, but consumer acceptance was very low.

In recent years, with the further development of Internet+ and the popularization of the concept of 'smart life', consumers have changed their habits and methods of daily household appliances such as refrigerators. People not only need 'large capacity' that can meet the basic needs of their lives. ' 'Multi-door' refrigerators, but also look forward to having 'understand them' products.

As a result, more and more consumers are gradually accepting Internet refrigerators. The penetration rate of Internet refrigerators in the market is also getting higher and higher. In just five years, Internet refrigerators have occupied about 20% of the refrigerator market, which is a rapid development.

The strong development trend of Internet refrigerators is a long-term development. As early as 2010, British scientists predicted that intelligence and personalization will become two key features of refrigerators in the future. The British "Daily Mail" reported that British scientists have designed such a 'Future refrigerator': It reminds the owner to eat as soon as possible according to the storage time of the ingredients; Smart recipes can also help users to make delicious dishes; users can also place orders at the shopping center, fresh ingredients can be delivered to your door, not enough Going out to enjoy the food.

The description of all this is precisely the features and functions of the Internet Fridge 21Face. Whether it is from the trend of intelligence or humanization, the Internet refrigerator 21Face is undoubtedly at the forefront of the times, making the user's kitchen Life is more intimate and convenient. Yunmi's whole house Internet appliances shouting the exit number 'Farewell to the traditional refrigerator, choose Yunmi 21Face large screen large refrigerator', trying to redefine the core value of the refrigerator, blew the horn of the traditional refrigerator industry.

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