How to change the balance car to a kart? Just a new Segway-Ninebot component

For many urban youth, all kinds of transportation tools have become the artifact of the 'last mile'. Although as a means of transportation, Xiaomi is a good idea for the manufacturer of the balance car Segway-Ninebot. It is understood that Segway-Ninebot will launch a retrofit kit on the 24th of this month to convert the originally standing balance car into a go-kart. It is sure to win everyone's envious eyes when riding a circle in the community!

Although it seems that the 'karting' modified by the balance car is quite cool, the modification principle is not as difficult as you think. Just place the original balance car part behind the go-kart kit and use it as a rear drive.

The kart kit is operationally equipped with the steering wheel design steering ratio of the formula car. The assembled kart is more directional, the 'driver' only needs to advance, and the back mode can be selected to complete the driving process. Divided into brakes and throttle, continuous stepping on the brake pedal can switch forward, reverse mode, throttle can accelerate.

Since it has been transformed into a 'kadding', it has also been upgraded in terms of safety. On the outside, it is added to the plastic energy absorbing layer, and the inner material is made of steel main beam, which provides higher strength protection for the fuselage. In operation, the modified karting adopts the double brake design combining electronic brake and mechanical hand brake, which is relatively safe. The bottom of the karting is made of pneumatic tires to prevent puncture.

It is understood that the modified karting speed is 16km/h and can provide 4 hours of battery life. This upcoming karting kit can be applied to the 9th balance car and miniPRO. The friends who are curious about these novelty products can Take a look!