Yunmi's Internet refrigerator 21Face, epoch-making whole house interconnection, starting at 5,999 yuan

Throughout the domestic appliance market, intelligent interconnection has become an important development trend. From smart TVs to smart refrigerators to smart air conditioners, smart home appliances have been involved in multiple product areas and are rapidly expanding. According to authoritative research institutions, the global smart home appliance market scale By 2015, it will expand to 15 billion US dollars. By 2020, the overall output value of China's smart home appliances upstream and downstream industry chain will reach 100 billion yuan. Intelligent, cloud integration, human-computer interaction has become an important direction for the development of home appliance industry.

Recently, Yunmi Technology, a well-known domestic Internet home appliance pioneer, launched its heavyweight product, the Yunmi Internet Refrigerator 21Face series. This product is positioned in the cloud-based whole house Internet appliances. Equipment', it can be seen that Yunmi Company attaches great importance to this Internet refrigerator 21Face. And in terms of market pricing, Yunmi Technology has also shown enough sincerity, the basic version of this product is priced as low as 5,999 yuan. M Internet refrigerator 21Face series is divided into four models, of which high-end cross four-door 521L models price (12999 yuan), cross four-door 446L models (8999 yuan), French refrigerator (6999 yuan), open door refrigerator (5999 yuan) .

Yunmi 21Face Internet refrigerator allows consumers to see not an Internet home appliance item, but a perfect new house interconnected room, which shows the convenience and comfort of the whole home life. When you cook in the kitchen, You can open the big screen on the refrigerator to listen to music, watch TV; set the water temperature of the water purifier on the screen of the refrigerator, and pick up a cup to drink it; after connecting with the camera in the bedroom, the 21-inch large screen of the refrigerator can also The situation in the bedroom is clear.

Yunmi will be the world's leading IOT IoT technology and home appliance integration solution. The refrigerator can be connected with water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, gas stoves, etc. The Yunmi 21Face large-screen refrigerator is like a home control center. Information center, entertainment center, bring a subversive experience to the kitchen cooking life. Although multiple black technology added, this cloud meter Internet refrigerator 21Face price is only 5999 yuan, the high cost performance makes consumers marvel, Yunmi re Define the core value of the refrigerator.

Chen Xiaoping, the founder and CEO of Yunmi Whole House Internet Appliances, said: 'The whole house Internet appliances combined with the Internet, AI artificial intelligence, IOT smart interconnection, IT user interaction, etc., to achieve cross-border innovation and subversive innovation of products, let the electrical appliances have ideas, It will judge that it is smarter; the interconnected product matrix allows consumers to have a complete intelligent scene experience, and introduces more algorithms, applications and experiences through interaction between scenes, allowing smart appliances to self-learn and iterate, thus being more than consumers. Learn about consumers. '

With the release of Yunmi Technology's world's first full-house Internet appliances, people have an 'Internet home' that will become a reality, and Yunmi also provides users with an ideal home and yearning lifestyle.

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