Apple folding screen mobile phone patent exposure: composed of two OLED flexible screens

Although the current comprehensive screen is hot, it is obvious that the folding screen is the future trend. At present, the folding screen patents of Samsung, Huawei, LG and other mobile phone manufacturers have been exposed, but the lack of Apple's news.

Recently, the US Trademark Patent Office announced a new patent related to Apple's folding screen mobile phone. In the design diagram, we can see that this mobile phone is composed of two OLED flexible screens, which are connected by hinges. It is worth mentioning 2. Its hinge is bendable in both directions.

In addition, in this concept phone, Apple puts the battery in the hinge instead of the bottom of the screen, which makes the body as thin and light as possible. Of course, the battery also needs to have foldable features, if it is really implemented 3. For mass production of real products, safety must be fully verified.

In the current mainstream mobile phone model, the screen size has basically reached the limit, folding screen is a more feasible design idea. From the current technical conditions, OLED screen is still the best material for folding screen mobile phone, thin, flexible Strong, low power consumption.

That is to say, if Apple's folding products start to be produced, the screen will still be purchased from Samsung. After all, Samsung is still in the leading position in the industry on OLED panels.