2018SINOCES highlights constantly | Exhibition platform strategy promotes sharing

The comprehensive application of big-generation, Internet of Things, 5G and other new generations of innovative technologies in the consumer electronics industry provides a more intelligent dimension for people to perceive and connect all things. Under the general trend of global IoT development, The world's theme of the 2018 China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES) was opened soon.

From July 20th to July 23rd, the audience can directly inspect the innovative products brought by the world's top companies at 2018SINOCES, and participate in various forums, awards, competitions and other experience activities. Based on SINOCES's own platform support and The driving effect of exhibitors, this industry summit that brings together global innovation and wisdom technology and cutting-edge development models, or will reveal our future life in advance.

SINOCES takes the 'platform' global giants gather together

SINOCES's 'platformization effect' attracted the exhibition to Haier, Hisense, Aucma, Youbie, Jingdong, Huawei and many other famous enterprises to set up brand exhibition areas, EMV, Mercedes-Benz, BYD, GAC, Dajiang and other manufacturers also SINOCES as their own The 'first show' of the new product will present an international, diversified and intelligent technology feast for the audience.

From the 1K01 exhibition area Haier full scene customized smart home package solution, to the 1G01 exhibition area Hisense will release the national smart home demonstration platform 'Juhaolian', World Cup limited edition TV, and 1N01 exhibition area Aucma unmanned, industrial Robots and fire-fighting robots developed in cooperation with Siemens are all innovative products in the industry. In addition, special exhibitions such as future cars, smart living, balance cars, smart security, 3D printing, virtual reality, etc. The station experienced the hottest high technology in the past two years.

SINOCES helps 'smart life' to experience the next 4 scenes in the future

The 1K02 exhibition area is the “Smart Life Festival” exhibition area jointly established by SINOCES. With the theme of “Innovative Technology, Foreseeing the Future”, it covers the smart home, smart travel, smart entertainment and wisdom and health. 4 as the SINOCES innovative technology products. The centralized display and interactive experience area of ​​the Wisdom IoT solution allows users to get in touch with more than 30 well-known innovative brands and over 100 innovative technology products.

Currently known Cambrian, Yongyida, Shangxun Technology, Chuangxian Technology, First Products, Hard+ and other start-ups will all show 'Falun' at the exhibition site, such as the Cambrian companion robot and Xiaowu. Robots, elf sweeping robots, etc. In the Cambrian exhibition area, users can experience how the Xiaowu robot interacts with family members on the spot. The featured follow-up function also reflects the popular human-computer interaction technology.

SINOCES creates top-level big data forums, bringing together global arguments and unique perspectives

In addition to the world's top companies, industry big coffee will also be gathered in 2018SINOCES. The exhibition will hold the International (Qingdao) Big Data Summit Forum in the same period, inviting big coffee to collide with the most cutting-edge big data development trend.

'Father of German Industry 4.0' Prof. Dr. Kai Mertins, Hermann Stoegmeier, Vice President of BMW Brilliance, Dr. Ling Brown, IBM Scientist, and executives from Haier, Hisense, Ali and other domestic and foreign companies, will present this data. Driving the future—innovative development in the context of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy' theme forum. Among them, Professor Mertins is the founder of the Frauhof Institute-Industrial Design and Production Technology Institute (IPK), and also an advanced management expert in the science park, an innovation management expert. , Industry 4.0 experts, intellectual capital management experts, business operation mode experts, international standards development experts. Multi-party big coffee will collide with the most yuan in the forum, and the forum will discuss the blockchain, shipping big data development As well as Sino-German technical exchanges and business, it will also become the focus of future industry discussions.

SINOCES boosts corporate transformation Innovation awards connect the corporate market

The “Leader Innovation Award”, which represents the highest level of R&D of new consumer electronics products and the latest technology trends. After six years of practice, the 7th China International Consumer Electronics Leader Innovation Awards is also coming to the forefront of the industry. The event introduces the global open capital institutions, and affirms the innovations that highlight the industry trends and leads the market trend. Encourage enterprises to carry out independent innovation and guide enterprises to share market opportunities, and become an important force to promote the innovative development of the industry.

The 7th 'Leader Innovation Award' award-winning companies and projects will receive industry investment, product incubation resources and platforms provided by SINOCES in collaboration with hard-working, providing low-cost, convenient, all-factor, open and integrated entrepreneurial services for innovative products and enterprises. Excellent projects can also prioritize the use of hard-to-create industrial chains and upstream and downstream resources to achieve high quality, high efficiency and low risk growth.

SINOCES leads the wisdom and environmental protection Future car shows the world's cutting-edge technology

With the support of various countries, the world's major auto manufacturers are making efforts in the field of new energy vehicles. This exhibition follows the market development trend, and the future automobile exhibition area, Canada EMV, BYD, and Guangzhou Automobile will bring new energy vehicle products to the exhibition area. The world famous brand Mercedes will also bring smart solar cars and a newest small car.

Among them, EMV, the Canadian company that was founded by Electra Meccanica, the world's top body builder who participated in SINOCES for the first time, will bring its SOLO electric car to participate. SOLO is the main product of EMV exhibiting SINOCES, and it is located in a single emission of zero emissions. The commuter car, due to its compact size, beautiful appearance and small footprint, will lead the new trend of new energy vehicles.

SINOCES creates a man-machine competitive mode. The balance car race is hot.

As a green and intelligent product that leads fashion and integrates mobility and sports, the balance car has become more and more popular among consumers. The China Balance Car Competition Qingdao Open has received wide attention since its inception in 2016.

The 2018 3rd China Balanced Car Sports Performance Competition is a groundbreaking establishment of individual competitions and group exhibition competitions, which will bring an unprecedented balance of sports car vision to the audience, more balanced car manufacturers and balance car hobbies. The company provides a good stage to showcase its own strength and demonstrate a balanced car culture such as science and technology, artistry and stunts, and promote the Chinese balance car to the international market.

SINOCES creates a scene-like life experience Unmanned technology and future life

Unmanned technology is one of the most important trends in the development of science and technology today. This exhibition attracted the new retail leader in China, Jingdong, and many of the world's leading drone manufacturers, DJI, and others, with their latest research results in the unmanned field of the industry. For example, Jingdong Smart Logistics drones, unmanned warehouses, unmanned vehicles, Dajiang's latest drone technology and products, Aucma's self-developed unmanned technology. It is worth mentioning that Jingdong's drones, no People's vehicles, unmanned warehouses have reached the world's leading level of intelligence, users can experience the complete intelligent logistics system blessed by unmanned technology.

In addition, the 'Future Life' exhibition area has also set up the unmanned community, unmanned theater, unmanned bookstore, unmanned toy store, unmanned KTV and other latest unmanned scenes, which will lead the audience to truly experience the unmanned future life.

SINOCES realizes two-way interaction, new reality interaction breaks through single mode

At this year's show, Huawei will use real-life interactive technology to bring new experiences to the audience. In the exhibition area, set up 'Mate Power Chaos Store', through real-life interaction, using the interactive ball, video into poetry and video home activities, VR interaction/mobile game challenge, M5 painting coloring interaction and other interactions to bring the product closer to the exhibition crowd. At the same time, one of the exhibition's special exhibition areas - virtual reality exhibition area will also enhance the audience through special experiences such as AR / VR Participation, immersive interaction between the exhibition and the audience.

2018 China International Consumer Electronics Show is a concentrated display platform for the promotion and application of smart technology. It is also an important front-end technology display and incubation platform in the industry. This exhibition has always adhered to the theme of “Creating the World of Things” and creating eight highlights. Sharing the era of IoT. At that time, SINOCES will present a 'platformization strategy' for the audience, hard creation 'smart life', industry 4.0, future car, unmanned technology, balance car competition, 'Leader Innovation Award', realistic interaction, etc. Highlights and features, relying on new intelligent technology and interactive experience to let users experience a unique smart technology feast!

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