High temperature strikes | Shanghai Gome 19th Anniversary Qingqing Summer

This summer, the high temperature yellow warning signal in the past few days, Shencheng encountered a hundred years of high temperature, it is expected that the temperature will continue to rise and last for a long time, the sudden increase in temperature causes the air conditioning market to be in short supply. Therefore, during the 19th anniversary of the Shanghai Gome, Focusing on the current hot-selling air-conditioning products, we will focus on profitability and sufficient stocking. At the same time, Shanghai Gome also launched the air-conditioner speed delivery service according to the needs of consumers, allowing consumers to enjoy summer cool.

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It is reported that as an annual anniversary celebration, Shanghai Gome will bring real discounts to consumers. This year is no exception. For the summer air-conditioning sales season, in order to meet the needs of consumers to purchase air-conditioning, Shanghai Gome has a strong supply chain advantage. , Hand in the United States, Gree, Haier, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Aux, Hisense, Chigo, Fujitsu, Panasonic and other first-line air-conditioning brands, ready for supply, counter-trend price cuts, joint Qingsheng. More than a significant number of brands as low as 30%, thousand yuan air conditioning is not Dreams, whether it is a special machine, a best seller, or a high-end model, there are super high discounts waiting for you to come. During the anniversary, consumers can also enjoy 6 privileges: buy home appliances over 999 yuan to return to 200, The maximum amount of the purchase is 5000 points (1 point = 1 yuan); the home appliance buys 3 get 1 free; the air conditioner kitchen and the old one subsidies up to 400 yuan; the color TV buys the big screen to enjoy the 2nd half price; the massive explosion model; the CCB member exclusive installment 0 interest rate, set a reduction of up to 300 yuan thanksgiving welfare!

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Pay tribute to the most lovely people at high temperatures

With the outbreak of sales in the air-conditioning market, the installation volume has also surged. In order to meet the needs of consumers, Shanghai Gome has sent nearly 5,000 professional air conditioners to the installers, maintenance workers and operators for the peak season, and through the two logistics of Pudong and Puxi. The distribution base will fully enter the high-temperature operation to ensure the customers get cool in time. For consumers who have agreed to the time after the purchase of air-conditioners and delivery in Shanghai Gome, Gome will guarantee on-time delivery, installation, and remove bad weather according to the agreed time. Such as force majeure. In order to let consumers enjoy the cool, Gome also created a fast air conditioning delivery service, consumers can come to the store to purchase a specific brand of air conditioners to enjoy a special experience. In addition, Gome is also set up in the after-sales outlets in various districts. The air-conditioning repair service team consists of professionals with excellent maintenance technology and can solve complex environmental installations and various difficult problems, so that the air conditioner can be repaired in time to let consumers spend the summer heat.

Wang Yan, general manager of Shanghai Gome, said: 'The 19th Anniversary Celebration is now in full swing. The sales performance in a single day continues to record high. Shanghai Gome will also join hands with 300 electrical brands to add resources and give back the enthusiasm and support of Shencheng consumers. And through the integration of procurement, logistics, after-sales and other resources, and constantly upgrade the quality of service, and fully create a feast of home appliances that once belonged to Shanghai this year.

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