Samsung Note 9 real machine renderings exposure: the appearance changes little, the internal improvement is obvious

Samsung Note 9, which has confirmed that it will hold a press conference in New York on August 9th, has recently been exposed to a frontal rendering of a set of fuselage, but it may be somewhat unsatisfactory in terms of eye-catching.

On July 11, the foreign media Android Headline exposed the front rendering of the Samsung Galaxy Note9. It is understood that this is the rendering of the Android Headline through Samsung.

From the renderings, the front of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 still uses the full-view curved screen design, instead of the current mainstream bangs design. The forehead and chin are slightly narrower than the Samsung Galaxy Note8, and the other aspects are basically the same. This includes the front camera of the forehead, iris sensor, earpiece, distance sensor, LED flash and other component layout.

From the overall appearance, Samsung Note 9 did not open too much gap with the previous generation Note 8, I don't know if this is the traditional appearance of the Samsung Note series. On the other hand, some of the domestic flagships represented by OPPO and vivo are this year. The design has a large degree of breakthrough. This time, Samsung Note 9 is somewhat eclipsed in terms of creativity.

And according to Samsung

In the mobile phone strategy of the past two years, Samsung Note 9 in the second half of this year will likely become a transitional model, so it is reasonable to have no more work on the design of Note 9. However, in hardware configuration, Samsung Note 9 is also a significant improvement, the first is the Samsung Galaxy Note9 battery capacity increased to 4000mAh, the power can be maintained for two days in daily use. In addition, the attention of Bixby 2.0 will also be unveiled with the aircraft.

In addition to Note 9, Samsung Note series iconic S Pen will also showcase new Bluetooth features at this conference. This Samsung Note 9 conference can be described as full of fun, in addition to the price, there must be a lot worthwhile Look forward to it.