Godson 2K1000 creates the smallest industrial system solution: Power consumption is only 3.5W

Loongson Zhongke announced the launch of the national minimum industrial system solution'2K1000', can meet the needs of the rapid development of industrial Internet of Things, independent controllable industrial security system.

It is understood that this program adopts Domestic Godson 2K1000 processor , manufactured in 40nm CMOS process, integrating approximately 190 million transistors, core area of ​​79 square millimeters, built-in Two full-flow 64-bit double-precision GS264 CPU cores with GPU graphics core , the main frequency is 1.0GHz, the peak operation speed is 8GFlops, the second level cache is 256KB, and the third level cache is 1MB. Power consumption 1-5W And support dynamic down-conversion buck.

Godson 2K1000 processor core map

Godson 2K1000 processor

The program Surface mount 2GB DDR3 domestic memory, storage of the largest surface mount 2GB NAND Flash flash memory, leading to a SDIO expansion bus.

The interface is very rich, including one electric and one optical dual Gigabit Ethernet port, one PCI-E x1, two USB 2.0, one CAN, one I2C, one RTC, one EJTAG debug serial port.

The typical power consumption of the entire system is only 3.5W, and the maximum is only 5W. , the size is too small only 63mm×89mm , suitable for a variety of expansion options.

Godson 2K1000 Industrial System

Godson 2K1000 Industrial System Specification Sheet

Godson 2K1000 Spec Sheet