Nail P1 Smart Print Cloud Box Experience: 1 minute to start cloud printing

There are many situations in which documents are printed in the office. We often encounter obstacles. The first time the computer prints to install the driver, the files in the mobile phone are always transmitted to the PC and then printed. When traveling, the temporary print file needs to be sent to colleagues to help in the company. Print it out. The nail P1 smart print cloud box may change this situation.

Nail X HP Small Box Smart Print

Nailed together with HP, launched a small box for office cloud printing and smart printing - nail P1 smart printing cloud box.

With the nail client and HP printer, there is no need to install the driver, no special setup or even printer support for network printing, and a new world of mobile printing and cloud printing can be opened in minutes. Of course, PC printing has no problem.

Nail P1 smart printing cloud box box is only half the size of the phone box, open is the cloud box body. Size and charging treasure is similar, but has Ethernet interface and USB interface. The front is the status indicator.

↑↑↑ nail P1 smart printing cloud box

复位Reset hole on the back, Ethernet interface, USB interface and power connector (from left to right)

The package contains P1 smart printing cloud box, user guide, foam glue, power cord, USB cable and QR code for connection setup. It is such a small box that can turn the printer into a cloud printer that prints quickly on the nails. .

↑↑↑Packing list

So what is the use of it? To sum up, the nail P1 smart printing cloud box can put A printer that does not support the network becomes a network printer, and can turn a printer with its own network into a cloud printer.

In addition, it is more convenient to share print and mobile printing, PC files, mobile phone files, and files in cloud storage.

Quick connection 1 minute to start the cloud

Connect the cloud box power cable. One end of the USB cable is connected to the cloud box, and the other end is connected to the printer USB interface. Open the phone staple and scan the QR code attached to the package.

Follow the prompts to open the Bluetooth connection, the phone and cloud box automatically connect. If it is a wireless network, follow the prompts to set the cloud box to join the wireless office network; if it is a wired network, connect the cloud box and network port with a network cable. Note that the cloud box must be connected to the Internet to complete the setup and achieve shared printing or cloud printing.

Select the team and bind it in the nail, wait for a moment to identify the printer and add it to the nail. The Bingo! setup is complete, is it simple?

↑↑↑ Wait a moment to connect to the printer

In order to facilitate the use of the printer by other teams or new employees, the cloud box can be attached to the printer with foam glue and attached with a QR code. The new person scans the QR code and can quickly add the printer to the nail. Print a file or workflow.

The trick is that it automatically recognizes the model HP M132a.

The nailed P1 smart printing cloud box jointly developed by Hewlett-Packard and Nail is currently only supported by HP-specific laser printing equipment, as shown in the table below.

Before buying, you need to check the list of supported models to see if your printer is in range.

For unsupported printer models, the nail P1 cloud box is not working properly. In addition, the HP M126 and M128 series have a year limit, and the models produced after May 2015 can support the nail P1 cloud box, which is also necessary before buying. Read.

Nail client PC printing do not drive

After adding the cloud printer to the mobile phone nail, it is almost easy to print on the computer. Install the nail client and log in to the same account, and receive the push message of 'smart cloud printing' on the PC nail.

According to the message prompt, install the 'Smart Cloud Print' plug-in on the PC and perform the default installation. After that, you will find that the cloud printer on the phone is automatically added to the computer.

↑↑↑ Follow the prompts to install the plugin

When you need to print a file, click the 'Print' menu as you have in the past and select 'Staple Smart Cloud Printer'.

There are two ways to print it out right away, or you can join the print queue. When you walk to the printer, the phone scans the QR code and prints. Of course, for important or confidential files, it is safer to choose the latter.

钉Print option to select 'nail smart cloud printer'

Under the blessing of the P1 smart printing cloud box, not only the mobile phone printing is more convenient, but also the printing on the computer is simpler. There is no need to install the driver, and the printing method can be flexibly selected. Of course, there is a precondition here, that is, the nail is used in the enterprise office process. Nail, printing becomes a simple task at your fingertips.

If it is a compatible model of the HP all-in-one, it also supports mobile phone scanning. Put the file on the scanning platform, use the phone to nail the QR code, click 'Start Scan' and wait for a moment, the file is scanned on the phone.

It can then be sent to a PC archive, or forwarded to a colleague, shared by the workgroup.


The P1 Smart Print Cloud Box jointly launched by HP and Nail is the enterprise version of the shared cloud printing solution, which opens up the barrier between computers, mobile phones and printers, and implements file output and sharing with a small box hardware.

It has a quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM and 4G of flash memory, and has strong data concurrency support.

In the case that the company has used nails as an OA tool, it simplifies the printing process, improves file sharing, and improves information communication efficiency. It brings a good printing experience on both the PC side and the mobile side. A small investment of 299 yuan , very cost-effective.