Limin Releases Silver Arrow TR4 'Silver Sword' | Radiator 32 'Nuclear Thread Ripper' | Perfect Match

As AMD's second-generation 'Thread Twist' TDP has risen sharply, the performance requirements for radiators have also risen. Currently, each company is actively preparing for the battle, and is preparing to launch a flagship radiator that meets the high-end TR4 platform.

On July 12, Limin first introduced a Silver Arrow TR4 with a two-tower structure, belonging to the high-end 'Silver Sword' series.

Although Limin has previously launched several 'Silver Sword' series products, the Silver Arrow TR4 has almost no similarities in design to its predecessors. In terms of size, it is the largest in the series. It is equipped with 8 The 6mm heat pipe has a heat dissipation capacity of 320W, and it can easily cope with the second generation 'thread tearer' of 250W TDP.

The Silver Arrow TR4 is 155x103x163mm (LxWxH) and its height of 163mm makes it compatible with most mid-tower chassis.

The Silver Arrow TR4 features a narrow, wide body design that ensures the heatsink does not block memory.

Pre-installed with a 140mm TY-143 fan, support PWM temperature control, speed 600-2500RPM, air volume is 31-130CFM (53.3 - 220.9m3 / h), the corresponding noise is 21 - 45 dBA.

The polished, pure copper-plated base is polished to cover the 'thread tearer'.

The Silver Arrow TR4 is not a completely symmetrical design. The huge heat sink fins are offset to one side to ensure sufficient clearance between the heat sink and the first PCIe of the motherboard, which will not affect the heat dissipation of the graphics card.

Packing box and accessories.

The parameters of Limin Silver Arrow TR4 are as follows:

At present, Limin has not announced the price of this radiator.