Ruilong 5's new partner: Gigabyte will send two B450 motherboards

AMD's second-generation Ruilong continues to use the AM4 package interface, which is perfectly compatible with existing 300 series motherboards. At the same time, AMD has also prepared a new 400 series motherboard. The biggest change is to support more powerful dynamic acceleration, and free to send new StoreMI solid state/mechanical Hard disk hybrid acceleration technology.

However, the 400 series motherboards only have a high-end X470, which is comparable to the Ruilong 7 series, but it is a bit high for the Ruilong 5 series. To this end, AMD has also prepared a more mainstream B450 chipset, which will soon follow the new The Ruilong 5/3 series debut.

Now Gigabyte's two B450 motherboards have been exposed, ATX plate type B450 Aorus Pro and M-ATX form factor B450 Aorus M.

These two boards are compatible with the Rui Long generation, the second generation and the Acer APU, but no longer support AMD's seventh-generation APU Bristol Ridge. Like the X470, if you match the second-generation Acer, you can additionally support XFR2 Enhanced acceleration and AMD. The latest StoreMI disk acceleration technology.

The B450 Aorus Pro features 11-phase power, 4 memory slots, three PCI-E x16 slots (the first PCI-E x16 with full metal protection), six SATA 3.0 ports, and two M.2 SSDs. interface.

The audio part uses the ALC1220 decoder chip, supports 120db signal-to-noise ratio, and is designed with independent EMI shielding lines.

The B450 Aorus M is a standard M-ATX version, measuring 24.5x24.5cm, also powered by an 11-phase CPU. Provides 4 memory slots, 2 PCI-E x16 slots, 6 SATA 3.0 Interface, 1 M.2 22110 SSD interface.

These two motherboards will not be listed in the day, and interested players can continue to pay attention.