Trade wars escalated | $200 billion in tariffs and instrumentation

Sino-US trade friction continues to fertilize. On July 6, the United States imposed a 25% tariff on imports of Chinese goods for 34 billion US dollars, marking the official start of the trade war. After a few days, on July 10, the Trump administration pushed forward. The plan to impose tariffs on China's 200 billion US dollars of goods has issued a list of target products. The US government is pressing hard, and China has to make necessary counterattacks. The Sino-US trade war is on the verge of continuous development, affecting the nerves of global economic players. .

The trade war has never won. The United States has destroyed the international economic and trade system in the form of accelerated upgrades, which has shocked and puzzled the world. Under the trend of economic globalization and integration, the countries of the world have long been closely linked, and win-win cooperation. Development, together to promote the steady growth of the global economy.

The United States’ trade hegemonism in the world has seriously damaged the interests of people of all countries. The new round of trade has imposed a tariff of 195 pages, covering all areas of social life. Cigarettes, coal, chemicals, clothing, Consumer goods such as TV parts and refrigerators, as well as other technology products are listed.

Focus Instrumentation Industry, following 117 items instrument After the components were involved in the Sino-US trade war, there were dozens of laboratory supplies and equipment in the $200 billion tax collection list. Including optical instruments, measuring instruments, laboratory balances, compressors, microwave ovens, microscopes, Measuring instruments and other equipment. Covering instruments meter Multiple market segments of the industry.

Undoubtedly, with the addition of a $250 billion tariff, a new round of trade war is about to start. But the US government may be able to block imports from abroad, but it will not stop the expansion of the company. July 9, the United States famous Electric vehicle and energy company Tesla announced that it will settle in Shanghai Lingang, and will build a Tesla super factory. Chicago Mayor Emmanuel also visited a large-scale economic and trade delegation on the 11th to discuss trade and investment cooperation with China. This is enough to see that the Chinese market has great potential for development. Local governments and companies in the United States are striving to seize business opportunities and seek new developments.

For Chinese enterprises, we have reason to believe that under the calm and firm trade response of the national government, China will open a new round of reform and opening up with a more open attitude. The Ministry of Commerce also stated that the state will continue to evaluate various types of enterprises. Affected by the increase of tariff income in counter-measures to alleviate the impact of enterprises and employees; Encourage enterprises to adjust the import structure, such as increasing the import of agricultural products in other countries and regions, and importing automobiles; creating a better investment environment for enterprises and Legal rights protection. A number of measures to alleviate the impact of enterprises in Sino-US trade friction.

The US escalation trade war is unpopular. An orderly international trading system is a common need of all countries in the world and an important cornerstone of global economic growth. All countries in the world should abide by and maintain the trade order. In fact, the deeper behind the trade war is Reform war. China can only unswervingly promote the high-quality development of the economy. Only by innovating and self-improving, and realizing the cultivation and promotion of the core competitiveness of enterprises, can we deal with this protracted war.