KraussMaffei's all-electric PX series injection molding machine doubles capacity

KraussMaffei's new all-electric PX series injection molding machine is presenting a successful story.

Due to the huge demand, KraussMaffei has increased its production capacity in its plant in Sucany, Slovakia and Munich, Germany. The strategic acquisition of Plamag has improved the manufacturing capabilities of injection molding machine parts. Customers around the world are moving from height to height. Benefit from flexibility and short delivery times.

'The all-electric PX series injection molding machine that we launched during K 2016 has been a great success. Our customers appreciate the high precision and flexibility of this machine in terms of configuration, production and refurbishment. ' KraussMaffei Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, General Manager of the Group's Injection Molding Machine Division, said.

In the first year after the start of the sale, the demand for the series of machines exceeded expectations, triggering a rapid response to KraussMaffei machine parts – zero for the PX series at the Sucany plant in Slovakia The production capacity of the unit has doubled, and the plant is currently implementing a two-shift production plan. Next, the company plans to manufacture the PX series of injection molding machines at the Munich plant.

KraussMaffei also increased its production capacity through a strategic acquisition of Plamag in Plauen, Germany. Since mid-2017, Plamag has been producing the necessary parts for the new PX series and supervising the spare parts business.

"In short, we have the ability to meet our customers' needs with a more efficient decision-making framework, and to realize our ambitious growth plans with the all-electric PX series.' Golz said.

KraussMaffei's all-electric PX series currently has 5 different models, with clamping force range of 500~2000kN. In June this year, with the launch of the PX 25 and PX 320 models in the Competence Forum event. KraussMaffei is expanding the product range of the series by adding new minimum and maximum clamping force models, which are scheduled to be introduced to the market during the 2018 Fakuma show.

According to statistics, the demand for all-electric injection molding machines is strong.

'Our current sales figures are very positively describing our market situation, especially in Europe and the US. When you pay special attention to energy consumption and accuracy, the advantages of all-electric injection molding machines are particularly obvious, and such machines are becoming the future. The development trend. 'Golz said.

The launch of the PX series gave KraussMaffei a prominent market position and provided the company with an opportunity to maintain long-term growth.