Free water purifier but 3960 yuan | Yantai an old man was cheated

'I want to reflect a problem, my dad told someone to lie, the other said that a free water purifier, who knows to deceive the elderly 3960 yuan, now the old man can not eat at home!" Yesterday, live in Longkou City East Mr. Qu of Boqu Village in Lai Street reported that his father was caught in a water purifier scam. He wanted to announce the details. He hoped to remind the reader through his father's affairs and be careful to be fooled by the liar.

Mr. Qu told reporters that his father walked the dog downstairs a few days ago. A middle-aged man with a southern accent came forward to take the initiative to talk, saying that he is a staff member of the National Healthy Drinking Water Project. Now the project He is an official in the Longkou area.

The man said that because Qu Daye is older, he wants to apply for a free drinking water purifier for Qu Daye free of charge, which is good for his health. He also told Qu Daye that this water purifier only has the right of local residents to apply for it. And one household can only apply for one, which can give the song grandfather a flicker.

When the grandfather of the song was moved, the other party was hot and iron, and he said good things, until Qu Grandpa signed a 'application for a direct drinking water purifier'. After the signing, the other party told Qu Uncle that this machine does not need money, but in order to To ensure the long-term normal operation of the water purification processor system, the unit needs to track maintenance. The customer only needs to change the filter core regularly. The cost of this filter element needs to be paid out by himself. It costs 660 yuan a year, and pays 6 years. Qu Daye was surrounded by the man. On the spot, I gave 3,960 yuan to others. After the man went home with Qu Grand, it was installed.

In the evening, after Mr. Qu came home, he saw that the free water purifier applied by his father was somewhat cheap. It is not necessary to find out if the news is online. The so-called 'National Healthy Drinking Water Project' has nothing to do with the product. For the water purifier that was collected free of charge, the Internet snorted. He knew that his father was cheated.

Subsequently, he called in accordance with the phone left by the other party, and wanted to return. The other party had been shirking and said that it would be disassembled in a few days. After two days, Mr. Qu called again and could not get through.

The reporter called the phone and it could not be reached.

'I just want to remind everyone of the Yantai Evening News through such a thing.' Mr. Qu said.