Hand in clean life, Aucma washing machine new product debut

On July 8, 2018, the Aokma washing machine 2019 annual marketing summit was held in the ancient capital Kaifeng. On behalf of the current washing machine industry smart washing, clean washing trend of the Elite series drum washing machine, dryer, wave wheel automatic washing machine, etc. The products are all unveiled. The new products are well received by home appliance dealers, industry media, experts, etc. from all over the country.

With the arrival of consumption upgrades, better product experience, healthier and more environmentally friendly product design concepts are increasingly becoming a consumer demand of the public. Aucma washing machine has undergone a large number of user research in the early stage, aiming at the wisdom washing, cleaning and washing two major users pain points , a comprehensive technical upgrade of the washing machine function, launched a number of industry-leading products.

Smart washing, making laundry easier and healthier

With the rapid spread of artificial intelligence, electrical products have become more simple and more "caring." In 2018, the original automatic weighing, automatic determination of water level, automatic addition of laundry liquid, automatic detection of washing effect (clothing stop) On the basis of further technical upgrades, four new washing and drying integrated machines have been added to realize the automatic laundry solution, automatic drying, and self-storing laundry solutions.

The newly launched high-end washing and drying machine has a maximum capacity of 10 kg washing/dehydration, and the drying capacity can reach 6 kg. There are many intelligent drying modes, users can choose different drying for different textures. Mode, and this product can intelligently and automatically perceive the degree of dry clothes, so that the clothes can be stopped. Users can also set the drying time according to the amount of clothes, dry and wet, and switch freely between 30 minutes and 150 minutes.

In terms of energy saving and mute, the traditional belt drive mode is changed, and the new third-generation inverter direct drive technology DD inverter motor is adopted, which can realize precise control of 1 Hz, save 30% of power consumption, reduce noise and vibration by 30%, save energy and save water. Mute.

It is worth mentioning that this product also has a silver ion sterilization function, through the built-in silver ion generator, the sterilization rate can reach 99.9%. With the health washing program, through the high-temperature washing and other settings, can further achieve sterilization, in addition to Hey, hypoallergenic.

Ultrasonic no-clean, open health, a new era of clean laundry

After the long-term use of the outer wall of the washing machine, it will accumulate dirt and breed a large number of bacteria. Relevant data show that the sampling rate of the washing machine used for more than half a year, the total number of bacteria exceeds the standard rate of 81.3%, the mold detection rate is 60.2%, and this will lead to secondary pollution of clothing. Causes itchy skin, allergies, and various gynecological diseases.

For the cleaning of the outer wall of the inner cylinder, the industry has no-cleaning products that use the floating ball for friction cleaning, and there is also a non-pollution cleaning scheme using a non-porous inner barrel. However, the floating ball friction-free cleaning will cause the drainage port to be blocked, and the non-porous inner barrel will cause clothing. Increased moisture content during dehydration takes longer to dry. For these industry problems, this Aucma washing machine introduces three major health sterilization technologies: ultrasonic cleaning, silver ion sterilization, UV sterilization.

Taking Aucma's new 'ultrasonic no-clean' solution as an example, the vacuum core group bubble generated by the ultrasonic generator generates a powerful impact force by crushing and crushing the stainless steel barrel wall, thereby peeling off the dirt on the surface of the stainless steel barrel. Really avoid dirt adhering to the barrel wall. Clean the wall barrel of the washing machine at the same time, avoid the bacteria growth inside and outside the barrel wall. The washing machine is used for a long time, the barrel wall is also clean as new, the drainage is smooth, perfect without regret.

The 'ultrasonic no-clean' solution fundamentally solves the problem of dirt accumulation in the inner and outer cylinders of the washing machine. At the same time, it completely solves the problem of poor drainage caused by other washing machine interlayer cleaning schemes, providing users with health, cleanliness and no worries. Laundry solution for new solutions.

With the implementation of the National China Zhizhi 2025 Strategy, the in-depth integration of intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing and the Internet, and cross-industry innovation have become the development trend of the consumer electronics industry. I understand that Aucma has also launched a smart home solution in real time. To create a four-system solution for healthy air system, healthy water system, healthy food system and health washing system. In the future, relying on Aucma AI intelligent control system, it will meet the individual needs of different life scenes of users, and provide users with fresh, clean, healthy and safe. , comfortable and comfortable living environment, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade from a single household product to a smart home life overall solution.