21Face big screen refrigerator release | Yunmi mobilization | 'Smart Kitchen' | Revolution

For the Chinese people who eat for food, the kitchen is the focus of the home. The future kitchen is not just a single cooking space, it will become an important home space, intelligent life will enter the kitchen. In the Internet, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, Driven by big data analysis, image recognition and other technologies, the refrigerator runs on the intelligent road as one of the important equipments in the kitchen, and the speed begins to exceed the categories of air conditioners, washing machines, kitchen appliances and so on.

The refrigerator, as the only all-weather standby appliance in the kitchen, has the basis for daily interaction with the user. It will be the best center product in the layout of the smart kitchen in the future, bringing great imagination to the smart kitchen. Internet refrigerator future Most likely to be the connection center for smart kitchens - as the most common operating point for users in the kitchen, the Internet refrigerator will monitor and operate other appliances under the entire smart kitchen ecosystem.

On July 11th, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise Yunmi Technology launched the 21Face Internet Refrigerator, opening a revolutionary 'smart kitchen' revolution, dedicated to building a smart kitchen of the future!

In addition to the traditional refrigerator, the air-cooled and frost-free, the stylish space design, the 180-degree vector frequency conversion power saving, the 360-degree embracing air supply, etc., the most important thing is that the artificial intelligence, voice recognition and other blacks are cited. Technology, will bring you farewell to the traditional kitchen era, step into the era of intelligent life in the Internet!

In addition to the basic preservation function of a traditional refrigerator, 21Face It can also manage ingredients and recommended recipes. It can also transfer related recipes from the video website for cooking teaching, and provide a series of entertainment services such as listening to music, watching dramas, etc., and integrating all kinds of related services in the kitchen. Yunmi official said that its Internet refrigerator 21Face series products can not only become the kitchen IOT center, but also realize AI voice interaction, audio and video entertainment, shopping and other functions.

Yunmi 21Face Internet refrigerator is equipped with 21-inch large IPS touch screen, full HD wide viewing angle display is clearer, and the viewing angle is wider. IOT, entertainment center, shopping center and other attributes in one cloud m internet refrigerator 21Face series, it seems just Adding a screen to the refrigerator, but in fact, the refrigerator as a family control center, the user's habits are slowly changing, the era of large-screen refrigerators to change the relationship between people and home will come.

Yunmi 21Face Internet refrigerator, equipped with the latest VioBrain artificial intelligence system, makes 21Face refrigerator become the control center of home terminal, information center, entertainment center and shopping center, the background system is regularly updated and updated, unlocking new features does not cost a penny, let The refrigerator becomes the steward of your life, redefining the core value of the refrigerator. Choose Yunmi 21Face Internet refrigerator, and work with Yunmi Technology to build a smart kitchen in the future, enjoy a smart and new life, and let home appliances and Internet devices be intelligently connected. You feel comfortable and feel the new Internet home.