Stay away from air conditioning, you need a new air purifier

In the hot summer, when you enjoy 'air conditioning, WiFi, watermelon', have you ever thought about the 'air conditioning disease' that is likely to suffer? This is mainly because the water used in air conditioning work forms gas with some granular substances. When the sol circulates through the air duct, the bacteria and microorganisms carried in it gradually deposit and attach to the relevant components of the air conditioner. In addition, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, the body adapts badly, and there will be nasal congestion, dizziness, sneezing. , tinnitus, fatigue, memory loss, muscles and joints in the limbs and other symptoms, often have some skin allergies, such as dry skin, dry skin, allergies, poor skin and so on.

Can't you turn on the air conditioner in the summer? Don't worry, the new air purifier white 1.0 can effectively remove bacteria, volatile organic compounds, etc. in the air, helping to avoid 'air conditioning disease'.

Xinyi Air Purifier White 1.0

It is a small and compact air purifier with a floor space slightly larger than an A4 paper, plus only half a meter high, and the weight is as low as 6.2Kg, girls can easily pick it up. In addition, the new air Purifier White 1.0 has a stylish 'small waist' streamlined waist, which is said to be inspired by the famous Guangzhou Tower. Overall, this air purifier has a small appearance and high value, which can match a variety of interior decoration styles. It is also very in line with people's current mainstream aesthetics.

The new air purifier white 1.0 small volume also has a large amount of air, the purification effect can even be comparable to some large models. To know, the CADR value is a core indicator to measure the purification capacity of an air purifier, the higher the CADR value, It means that the purification ability is stronger, and the new air purifier adopts more than 2/3 large-area air intake mode, which brings better purification effect. The CADR value of the particulate matter is nominally 380m3/h, and the formaldehyde CADR The value is also 70m3/h. It can purify 20 square meters of space without 9 minutes. It can filter smog, pollen, formaldehyde, TVOC and other pollutants.

Xinyi Air Purifier Xiaobai 1.0 is very quiet when it is running, which is why it has a 56.3% repurchase rate. It uses a silent DC brushless motor to eliminate the low voltage caused by ordinary motors. Stupid noise, combined with CFD simulation of high efficiency air duct, further shock absorption and noise reduction, noise as low as 35.1 decibels, almost no awareness of its operation. Moreover, the new air purifier white 1.0 also has built-in light sensor, it can According to the change of ambient light, actively reduce the brightness of the display panel, and regulate the wind speed to avoid light pollution to the photosensitive user, and ensure that it is quiet enough to run.

Recently, it is the global event of the World Cup. This air purifier is as low as 1269 yuan in the official flagship store of Jingdong. It is so low-priced and high-priced with a thousand yuan air purifier, let you enjoy air conditioning in the summer.