continuously strengthen the supply side reform and jointly make the industry bigger and stronger. The rise of integrated stoves | Sen song adhere to the high-end power-assisted industry expansion

2017, the integrated stove has become one of the most dazzling category in the market of kitchen and bathroom appliances in China.

With the rapid release of market demand, the scale of the integrated stove is growing rapidly, Zhejiang Shengzhou plays an intuitive and important role in the field of China's integrated stove industry.

July 11, the Chinese Hardware Products Association and the Chinese Society of Yi Kang Joint organization of China Integrated Kitchen industry delegation came to China kitchenware Capital-Shengzhou, visited the Shengzhou integrated stove brand enterprise Sen song.

The rapid growth of the industry team in the rising of integrated stoves

As a set of hood, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets (storage cabinets, steam boxes, ovens) and many other functions in one of the kitchen appliances, integrated stoves in recent years gradually popular, become a new consumer hotspot. According to the data show that 2017 China's integrated stove market volume of 1.5 million units around the scale of sales exceeded tens of billions of dollars.

In the first half of 2018, the overall market for kitchen electricity in the case of cold, integrated stove market still outstanding performance, especially online market, retail volume, the size of sales to 155,000 units, 950 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 97.7%, 138.3%.

Zhejiang Sen Song Electric Co., Ltd. General manager Assistant Ji Chang ' an In Zhejiang Sen Song Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. General Manager Assistant Guichangham View, integrated cooker has the advantages of good exhaust oil fume, the use of side suction down the way of the integrated stove, lampblack suction rate of more than 99%, and the integration of the practical and beautiful, the user's health and indoor environment impact is small, but also easy to clean, the outbreak of integrated stoves is not accidental growth

, but its product advantage and early user education and other factors led to the inevitable results. In the face of the rapid rise of the integrated stove market, a large number of enterprises flocked into, including Haier, the United States and other home appliances leading enterprises have been involved in the field of integrated stoves.

Today, the number of Shengzhou integrated stoves has grown rapidly, with a total number of over 100 companies.

Zhejiang Sen Song Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Chairman Van Derzong

For the giant's entry, Zhejiang Sen Song Electric Co., Ltd. Chairman Van Derzong showed a welcome gesture, he said, home appliances giants into the integrated stove industry, can drive the integrated stove brand to strengthen product development and sales terminals operating service capabilities, can pull the entire industry development, is a ' benign drive ' to the industry. As one of the first batch of enterprises into the integrated stove industry, Sen song has been in the integrated stove industry for more than 10 years.

Now, in billion fields, handsome Fung, Sen song, such as the promotion of mainstream enterprises, Shengzhou integrated stove industry has initially formed a scale effect, but also to cultivate a group of influential brand in the industry enterprises.

Stick to the high-end positioning Sen song is committed to promoting the healthy development of the industry In fact, the integration of stoves in China can achieve breakthroughs, without Sen song and other industries in the mainstream enterprises to promote. Sen song through the recruitment of well-known artists Deng Chao as the image spokesperson, CCTV and provincial television stations and other media to carry out continuous dissemination, so as to improve consumer awareness of the integration of the product.

This is the same as the practice of other leading enterprises such as billion fields.

Sen Song Products Showroom Not only that, Sen song in the early development of the clear its own development strategy, that is, adhere to high-end positioning.

Van Derzong said that Sen song has been doing high-quality, intelligent, high-end products to high-end brand positioning, to create the highest quality products, to provide the best quality service, Sen song sales are not just high-end kitchen electricity products, but also the concept of a healthy kitchen.

In the face of the rapid growth of the market, in order to protect the next stage of strategic development and market demand, Sen song investment 250 million yuan to build 4.0 intelligent Kitchen Electric Industrial park, to achieve an annual output of 250,000 sets of intelligent integrated stove product scale.

Sen Song Intelligent Factory It is understood that Sen song Industrial 4.0 intelligent Kitchen Electric Industry park equipped with intelligent automatic stamping line, intelligent mechanical arm stamping line, CNC integrated stove assembly line, such as the most advanced pipeline, intelligent laser cutting machine, intelligent laser welding arm, intelligent feeding arm, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machines, such as a variety of advanced processing equipment,

A variety of advanced testing equipment, specialized integrated stove laboratory, as well as up to dozens of inspection management standards to ensure high-quality integrated stove factory. At present, Sen song Integration stove has been settled in more than 1000 cities, stores the number of nearly 3,000. 2017, Sen song Sales Integration stove 100,000, 2018-year goal is to achieve 50% growth, sales reached 150,000 units.

Van Derzong said that Sen song has the confidence to achieve this goal.

Zo, general manager of Zhong Yi Kang Brand Center Zo, general manager of the brand Center, said that at this stage of the integrated stove products show strong growth momentum, will quickly enhance the vitality of industrial growth. In view of this, China Yi Kang and the Chinese Hardware Products Association organized China's integrated stove industry inspection line, aimed at guiding the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

He hoped that the industry leading enterprises to play their own role, combined with other mainstream enterprises in the industry to jointly promote the health of the integrated stove industry, stable development.

Suanjian, Deputy Secretary-General of China Hardware Products Association Suanjian, Deputy secretary general of China Hardware Products Association, said at present, China is in the important period of consumption upgrade, integrated stove Enterprises should continue to dig deep user needs, adapt and lead the trend of consumer upgrades in product development, design, product packaging, marketing and other aspects of continuous innovation, and actively enrich and refine the product category,