Reading: In addition to national bricks and mobile phones, what is the game of portable hifi? In addition to national bricks and mobile phones, what is the play of portable hifi?

The era of preaching sounds is long gone, even if the desktop system or sound system is still standing tall in the hifi altar, it can't stop all kinds of national bricks/bricks from being characterized and differentiated. The road is booming, not to mention the rise of hifi mobile phones in recent years. On the one hand, there are manufacturers' relentless pursuit of technology (such as Sony Dafa's Idac, Huawei's HWA). On the other hand, thanks to the increasing popularity of the watchers, The wallet is transformed into the pursuit of quality of life, which is the premise of the penetration of hifi products into the life scene. For most of the enthusiasts, the national brick and hifi mobile phone is their EDC (daily carrying) 2. The equipment, the pursuit of sound quality while listening to music has also been met.

However, there is always a certain group of people who may be worried about the mobile phone hifi and national bricks because of the unfriendly price or the troublesome mentality. After all, hifi mobile phones and national bricks are not bargains. It’s hard to put a lot of national bricks in a pocket. For this part of the lords, the old deer can’t help but feel: What about the external DAC?

External DAC: What's more you don't know

First of all, the understanding of DAC, if directly translated from the literal, is the digital (to) analog converter, the external simple understanding is also for the portable angle, the digital-to-analog conversion is made lighter (English portable). Fans logarithm The analog converter is certainly no stranger. For non-fans, external DACs are also common. For example, the lighting audio output line (commonly known as the 3.5-lightning line) that comes with the iPhone 7 generation is the decoder chip of Cirrus Logic. Can also be regarded as a kind of external DAC. Similarly, HTC's TYPE-C interface to 3.5 audio cable.

So is this kind of external DAC called audio line really effective? It should be clear that this type of external DAC includes the analog signal amplification part in addition to the digital signal decoding part: the traditional mobile phone player decodes The circuit of the work such as zooming in is highly integrated inside the mobile phone. When the sound passes through the 3.5 interface, the analog output of the earphone can be directly driven; and the audio cable mentioned above is the digital output of the mobile phone itself, whether it is Apple's lightning or not. The type-c of the intestine factory (HTC) only provides the digital signal, and the audio cable connected to the rear is used for decoding and amplification. In other words, whether the external DAC is effective or not depends on the decoding and amplification part of the audio line. Well done, but in the long run, this type of external DAC can also achieve some other functional adjustments through the late development of the app and the back-end coordination, etc., which is also an advantage.

Of course, the professional external DAC in most of the fans' minds is still the image of this kind of national brick of the innovative E5: The size of the cigarette case is like the volume of the honest person. The function of decoding, wireless connection, amp and so on is integrated into one. Mobile phones, the national brick directly connected to the PC / MAC are not in the words, the gain can be adjusted in the sound, the thrust is quite small desktop figure, the overall performance has a significant change relative to the direct push. To be honest, such external DAC products are numerous at home and abroad. The main reason for the innovative E5 is that in addition to the traditional hifi routine, E5 takes into account more life-saving scenarios, such as crystalvoice-based two-way recording technology, built-in automatic sensing. Dual microphones in the direction and suppress ambient noise - in addition to listening to songs, it can also be used as a noise-reduction microphone in the conference; dual-headphone output can also share music with colleagues around, which is far more than an external DAC original Only useful features.

However, the shortcomings of this type of external DAC are also very obvious. The bundled mobile phone or other front-end add-on volume is really too large, and it is also a cable bond, usually requires a backpack. To the innovative E5, the wireless connection should be It's a big short board, sometimes it has bottom noise, which affects the listening effect. But in any case, in all portable external DACs, the innovative E5 can always bring about the change of sound quality is always the best, for the part For enthusiasts with high-impedance and low-sensitivity earplugs, the sacrifice of portability is insignificant compared to the experience of improved sound quality.

It is worth mentioning here that there is an external Bluetooth DAC. In the old deer's view, it can be divided into Bluetooth headset type and Bluetooth line type for 3.5 headphone. Usually their advantage lies in high integration, small size, and pre-class. The difference with the audio patch cord is that it is more free to use the scene without being bound by the connection between the phone and the headset, so you can really carry it, the latter can do true wireless. And now most of the external Bluetooth DAC There are also high-frequency function keys, such as playback, volume +, - even up/down songs, which are more suitable for the user's life scene, and can even be said to be the most widely used type of external DAC.

As for the shortcomings of the Bluetooth DAC, I have heard of the half-second delay of mobile game users? Although in fact this kind of situation is usually the third-party APP's pot and the limitations of the application of the scene are affected. But in fact, Bluetooth transmission is really there. Delay, usually can not reach the theoretical transmission rate (although Dafa's LDAC coding also tries its best), in addition, Bluetooth decoding is generally limited to some high-definition audio sources, and the relative sound quality is not as good as the innovative E5. One type, but the external DAC facing the audio line still has a level of play. In addition, the small Bluetooth external DAC battery life or thrust emergency, and for the large external DAC (like the E5 mentioned above) In fact, it also supports wireless). Supporting Bluetooth is more like a icing on the cake.

More than an external DAC: There are headphones!

Of course, the external DAC is not omnipotent. In theory, the external DAC is almost always working in the open-loop environment of the clock. Relatively speaking, the JITTER will become larger and cause distortion (can not distinguish it is another One thing), at the same time, not all users are willing to pick up a gadget on the mobile phone/national brick. In their opinion, it is better to change the earphones so much easier to save. There are several hifis. Headphones, I have a deep understanding of this old deer.

Recently, in order to drag the folk music teacher into the pit of the hifi, the old deer loaned the innovative new Aurvana Trio earphone to the teacher, and the original words of the feedback were 'what was the hard left-handed chord that was heard before.' 'After listening to the guzheng song, you can hear a lot of reverberations within the professional range, and the strings can be heard clearly if you press the pressure!', although the language and the fans often describe it is not a special similarity. However, it is basically certain that the sense of hearing brought by an entry-level headset is a real improvement for most consumers. It is even exaggerated to say that the front end is limited. Next, replacing a headset with better sound quality is a more affordable shortcut to hifi. At least the shortcomings of the headset are relatively more expensive than the premise of a small budget.

For the enthusiasts, the pursuit of the part will go even further. For a typical example, many fans after enjoying the 'taste' of a headset, or after getting used to the front end of the nature, the upgraded equipment can Whether it forms a friendly relationship with the former is also a major factor. It is also mentioned in the above mentioned innovation E5 and Aurvana Trio, Aurvana Trio sounds balanced and easy to push potential, E5 is better for low resistance and high sensitivity headphones The dynamic performance, the similarity between the two and the inheritance of the brothers, make this combination tend to perform better than other opponents of the same level.

Written to the end

Write it here and think about it, there isn't much problem with the Walkman's words: It's definitely impossible to not hear it, just compared to the traditional desktop hifi, the high-end industry ceilings of the audio system. The hifi is still immature like a primary school student standing in front of Professor Ivy League. But at least for sure, it is difficult to get into the simple, whether it is an external DAC or a headset. Once you play with hifi, the road after the fever is even more Not too good will be.