When you feel unhealthy | How do you start exercising?

If you are overweight or have not exercised for a long time, you can face many challenges. Of course, you can still stay healthy and get all the benefits of exercise.

The easiest way is to start walking, because the risk and impact of this method is relatively low, you only need a pair of good walking shoes; start a walk every day, then look for opportunities to take some extra exercise, such as lunch When you go shopping or walk in the same place, instead of sitting there watching TV. You may like the exercise effect brought by your home treadmill, but it is best to gradually increase the speed of running from a slow speed.

Another easy way to do this is to exercise at home, so that you become more energetic in your daily activities, such as speeding up your housework and getting work done in at least 10 minutes. You can also choose to exercise in the water. Ways, such as swimming or taking aqua gym classes, water makes you feel more relaxed and flexible, so many people will find themselves more light and flexible in the water than on land.

Compared to weight-bearing training (even walking), riding a fixed bicycle may not make your body work hard, and you can try to ride a horizontal bicycle, which will lower the seat. It allows the rider to stretch his legs for a workout, and the rider feels more comfortable. Don't be too fanatical to feel exhausted. As you progress, you can slow down. And a steady speed to increase the time and intensity of exercise.